Wishing Him The Best…

It’s not about loving him, I believe she is not kind of person who falls in love easily, it’s just about wishing the best for him, I mean, she wants him to be with someone who really cares about him, someone who deserves his pretty eyes, and great smile, someone who realize what kind of wonderful, adorable guy she has…Believes that his lovely smile would make her happy forever, and avoid causing him tears because it kills her, when he finds her, she’ll be the happiest girl ever…

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  1. Qabbani Says:

    OH , i just read it ….ahaaaaaaaaaaa :D :D afker wala la2?

  2. sweetlikearose Says:

    two words:
    selfless and caring

  3. Maher Says:

    bas you know what Mai..These people ra7ooooooo! ba6aloo mawjoodeen beenatna! kolloo sar bas bedo masla7too hal ayyaam!

  4. nousha Says:

    you know,,,, this sometimes can be so true…

  5. Maioush Says:

    fakker, b sho bedak tfakker?? :)

    sa7!! i know

    believe me lessa mawjoodeen, o ana 3am ba7ki 3am methal 3ayesh :) this is based on a true story

    it is true, this is a true story walahi

  6. Oriental Arabesque Says:

    la2 ma3lesh i really find this hard to understand and digest :S

    ma lazem el wa7ed ykoun hal2ad mnee7 :(
    yes i lovED someone sooo much…but i didn’t wish him happiness ma3 7ada ‘3airi to be honest ya3ni!!
    ok, i didn’t wish he’ll be misrable for the rest of his life kaman…u got what i mean!!
    enu bas ‘7ali y7el 3ani and sort out his life that way he wants..it’s the last thing i want to care and worry about! :(

    i might be mean…but i can’t be that good :shy:

  7. Maioush Says:

    Oriental Arabesque:
    i know it’s hard walahi, it;s kteeeeeeeeeeeeeeeer hard, it kills you from the inside, but some times that is the only thing you can do for the people you love, if they can’t be with you, and you know for sure that they will never feel you you the way you feel them, what can you do, you learn how to accept it and wish them to be happy. i’m not saying that you won’t be hurt, you will be … BIG TIME!! but again, you love them…

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