People talk on the phone while PEEING!!!!  As my visits to the bathroom has tripled these day ( o lessa el Khair la oddam) I’ve noticed some weird people keeps on walking to bathroom and keep on talking while peeing, HELLOOOOOOOOOOOOO… can ‘t you just hang up the freaking phone for few moments till you’re done with your “business” and call that person back???

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  1. KJ Says:

    Yup. What’s worse is that I heard a guy tell his girlfriend on the phone that he is NOT in the bathroom peeing.

    Then I let out a nice long fart.

  2. JOMANA =) Says:

    so what its free c

    talking on the phone while peeing no, even if i trust my self i do not trust the others

  3. JOMANA =) Says:

    dis thing IS koko :D

    i was teling u inno ma 3mre saweta bs i like to text in da bathroom hohoh. ;)

    bsharafek maioush eli kant t7ki 3al Phone sawda??!! african american!!!! :D

  4. Mohammad B. Irshid Says:

    I don’t talk while I’m in bathroom even in cell phone, But I like to sing and that’s what make me stay in B.room for 20 or 30 minutes!!!!!
    What to say?

  5. afaf Says:

    triple already???
    how far r u now???

  6. kinzi Says:

    Oh wow, what a no-no. What until your kids answer the phone and say “No, she’s in the bathroom. I think it won’t be long, maybe it’s not a BM. She’s fast, mom is.” Oh, mortification.

    Hey, is everything ok with Q? It seems the planet is on the fritz/

  7. Simply Me Says:

    I do this sometimes :$.. but only when Im home :D :D :D

  8. Maioush Says:

    LOL! Allah ye2refak…

    Kanat hendeyeh!!!!

    Sing, but I don’t think you do that at work right???

    16 weeks Afaf, BTW, I miss you, weanek enti?

    HEHEHE, yeah that’s gonna be in few years LOL!
    Q is OK, he is just super busy at work to the point that he doesn’t even open the blog, I don’t really see him these days, June and July are the toughest months of the year :(

    @ home is totally different, but can you imagine that at work, enno ter7am 7alha.
    BTW, Happy Anniversary :)

  9. sozan Says:

    هههههههههههههه ما يمكن مكالمه فيها عمل يا ميوش انت ليش زعلاني بامزح طبعا

  10. kinzi Says:

    I’m glad he’s ok, I will pray for him (and you) spending so much of his life energy at work. Hang in there!

  11. MommaBean Says:

    You mean you DON’T?! I don’t talk to everyone in the restroom. And, I don’t talk in public restrooms. But at home… when El 3atal calls? I will admit I am in this habit… At least I never got busted in the past when I worked from home like a colleague did. He flushed in the middle of a conference call and forgot to hit the mute button. BUSTED!

  12. Mohammad B. Irshid Says:

    Well, usually not but i do!

  13. Jano Says:

    LOL @ KJ !! :D

    well, once my friend called and i told her im goin to bathroom and it DID sound urgent. she kept talking and story after another i just couldnt help it and went to bathroom and told her bye bye..
    still in the bathroom – she calls again!! eno o ba3dain.. i answered (la2eno kan wad3e mtawel lol) fa eno dallat te7ke te7ke te7ke .. o ana khallaset o ejeet bede aghassel 2ede wela bte7ke ENTE LESA BEL 7AMMAM?? oltelha yes!! she just went on with her stories!! now i dont answer her calls :)

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