What’s Right With Your Life?



The typical nature of all personal development posts is to define a problem, then propose a solution.

I’m not going to do that here.

We spend a lot of times trying to improve things in our lives. We want better, more, faster, bigger, cooler, and on and on. So is there a time when more is not the answer? Is there a time when solving something wrong with your life is detrimental, because you could be spending that time enjoying all the right things about it?

I could say something really obvious like, be content with what you have, or accept yourself for who you are.

I’m not going to do that here.

Instead I want to ask you:

Do you think you could bypass a lot of struggle trying to fix all the things supposedly wrong with your life, and instead learn how to appreciate the things that are right with it?

So let me ask you: What’s right with your life?

4 Responses to “What’s Right With Your Life?”

  1. jessyz Says:

    Lots of things actually el7amdulla. The little things in life that work make everything else seem so irrelevant.

  2. Qwaider قويدر Says:

    I have a very simple answer…

    You :)

  3. KJ Says:

    You can change the perspective, instead of what is wrong, you can ask what can be better. And I am not talking about the bigger car.

    El7amdella I have been pretty optimistic lately, my job over three years taught me many things about me, and am very glad I am in touch with my inner self more so than ever before.

    7amdella, I have amazing friends and family and they’re all healthy including myself. My prayers have been lacking but my 2eman is as strong as ever.

    I could go on for a big list but I mentioned the three most important things :)

  4. Maioush Says:

    al hamdoula for that :)

    AWWW, I love you baby ::heart::

    way to go man, bravo 3aleak! :)

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