Some New Songs…

As everybody know by now how crazy I am about music I would like to share some new songs I don’t think that all of you know it.. if you would like the songs in MP3 format I can provide you with the links to download , enjoy ;)

Rami Sabry – 7abeebi El Awalani

Rami Sabry – Mesh Ana

Lo2ai – Mn Awelha *Very Nice *Must Listen

Hani Shaker – A7la El-Lyali

Hani Shaker + Sherine – 2arabni Leek **Very Romantic

Carol Saqr – Bmout 3alaik ****LOVE IT LOVE IT LOVE IT***  It’s a MUST MUST MUST***

Carol Saqr _ ya albi roo2  (I have no clue why this song gave me goose bumps when i first heard it)

Mohammad 7ama2i – Ana 3aref   (sad one, but alot of people might feel it, guys can be REALLY JERKS sometimes)




Mustafa Amar – Howa da 3eabo *Very Funny :D


This time I picked different style of songs, it’s not the dancing type that I usually share with you … hope you like it :)

8 Responses to “Some New Songs…”

  1. afaf Says:

    well, while u r being so generous dear, can u plz find those songs for me, i tried but no luck so far…maybe u have the magic touch to find them….

    “wain” for amani sweiss
    “ma yehemeneesh” for sophia sadek

    dunno why i cannot find a link to download them…

    thanx dear

  2. maioush Says:

    check ur email after 30 min and u’ll find them there :)

  3. afaf Says:

    oh, thanx dear, i really appreciate it…
    u r so sweet….
    thanx a million

  4. maioush Says:

    sure ;) .. no problem :D

  5. Mnosh Says:

    rabe yej3l kol ayamek songs x songs :P

    Rami Sabri i like him, 2thamo eno moqaled la 3amro diab! 2elo mosta2bal ;)
    Hani Shaker: hdol el 2 songs 7ilwat from the new CD
    Carol: awl mra bsm3la hdool, nice.
    7ama2e brd’o i like him :D 5afef la6eef :p
    Mustafa Amar : XXXXX

    check this one for Yara :

  6. maioush Says:

    allah allah 3aleaki, walahi ‘3abat 3an bali yara :D , i love this song and i love yara kolha 3a ba3edha… :)
    glad u like them , alla yes3ed albek ya rab :)

  7. Isam Says:

    hani shaker …. ya3333333333333333333333 :)

    bas rami sabri mnee7 ,,, 5assa hay el el 7ob elle fesh eshe gablo wala 3omri bansah o bel leel bag3od a3ayet … kwayyse :P

    Weeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee …

  8. noura Says:

    I like Rami Sabri, I will check them out.. Am addicted to music too :D

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