What the hell?? What’s with guys these days?? They are getting stupider every single second, I can’t take their stupidity anymore, walakom Khalas ghabaaaaa2!!!


I’m furious, some guys have no respect for themselves or other what so ever, just because I’m not responding to you fool, it doesn’t mean I scared of you!!


Efhamooha 3ad.. Girls are not like that (well, I know I’m not), if you wanna pick a fight fine!! Just stay the hell away from me, I’m not gonna fight back, I’m not gonna say stuff, and I’m not gonna be a low class person and everything that comes to my mind, going behind my back and telling people that you scared the shit out if me is not gonna do you any good, I’m respecting myself when I’m not answering, not you, believe me not you.


And you know what’s really funny, they do that in public ONLY, when they send private messages.. MASHALLAAAAAAAAAAA ASAD!!! He is all nice and gentel, and welling to kiss my foot for forgiveness, one word.. CHEAP!!


God I promised that I’m not gonna write mad post anymore, bs I’ve had it, and I had to let it out, Ah! I feel a little better already.

19 Responses to “RUN FOR YOUR LIFE, I’M MAAAAAAD!!!!!”

  1. chikapappi Says:

    honey you are entitled to be mad and rant about it.. guys now are unbelievable!! very irresponsible and immature… I am picking up a fight and God knows how many times I did on the blog

  2. afaf Says:

    ye7’reb beeit eleee meza3lek ya sheee7’aaaa….
    chill out, dear….

  3. Maioush Says:

    walahi i’m trying to control myself as much as i can!! but khalas, sometimes enough is enough

    ya shee’7a roo7i allah yese3dek enti :)
    Miss U kteeeeeeeeeeeer!! :D

  4. nido Says:

    shu fii!??! haddi shwaii:) We dont want u stressed out! I never knew you could get THAT mad :p

  5. Qwaider قويدر Says:

    Maioush, it’s not me… right? please say it’s not me .. because I already got 4 emails from people asking me what I’ve done! Please tell them that I’m as mean in private as I am in public .. please .. please

  6. Simply Me Says:

    ummm.. i hope you feel better now that it’s all out! :)

  7. Maioush Says:

    some people are just so stupid, they get on your last nerve!

    LOL! la2 la2 mesh enta. you are even meaner in private :D J/K LOL!
    i don’t think you go behind people’s back o bte3mal 7alas asd 3aleahom, that’s what i like about, as mean as you sound, but you are as clear as crystal!! 3ala 3eanak ya tajer o ma 3endak le7yej emashata!! allah la y3ale2ni ma3ak man! :)

    Simply Me:
    i am walahi, i had to scream it out like that :)

  8. mr.anonymous Says:

    speaking of lions…bigool il mathal…3addet asad wala nazret 7asad.

  9. Maher Says:

    maloo el kol m3asseb???
    hmm is it me? well..i hope so :P

    raw2e settna… maybe i should start singing now? :P

  10. Batoul Says:

    ya manta kareem ya rab!!!… esma3i, just slap Maher akamen mara LOL you know feshi gholek! you would do that for a friend sa7 Maher? lool.. ok seriously, those people are the ones even worse, mkhabayeen behind a screen. they are WORTHLESS! :D so keep them worthless 7abibiti.. serves them right.

  11. afaf Says:

    i miss u too, but hectic since got back from jordan…and yeah try to deal with internet connection there…so SLOW….

  12. Qabbani Says:

    Waaaaaaaaaal ,
    maza ya7solo ma3aki ? Manoo hath al 2er5ees :D
    laa bs i know u well

    Gaweeh 2nti o Gadha :)

  13. Maioush Says:

    LOL! Neyal rawa2anak :)

    Leash u hope so, walak howi law enno enta kan sakatelak!! Maskeen Maher, yama shoft menni, walahi marat ba7zan 3aleak :)

    LOOOOOOOOOOOOOL Slap Maher!!! :D … I’ll send h im one to do that a7san ;)

    Inshalla it will get fast soon , I really miss you kteer!!!

    Allah yese3dak!! Ana dayman ba2ool, etaqi shar el 7aleem etha ‘3adeb! Bs ma 7ada berod 3alai!!

  14. Maya Says:

    Maioshh! :) Cute spelling =) We apparently have the same name :P

    OmG! Hon, men need to be skinned alive. I mean what the heck is the world coming to?! I just had to scream at one and curse him the otherday. Needless to say, people stared at *ME* like *I’M* the made one!

    When women get raped, they’re blamed for ‘seducing’ men with their revealing clothes. I mean men walk around in their undies (which, btw, is their version of the g-string) with their sticking their peckers into God knows what.

    7abeebty.. if you ain’t gonna fight, I’d love to fight on your behalf. Kicking the arses of men has become my self-imposed life purpose ;)

  15. Maya Says:

    Maioush** Sowwy! **blushes**

  16. Oriental Arabesque Says:

    غص بال اليهود

    that’s one of my favorite lines…and my friends say i deserve el jenseyeh bi jadara for it :p

    cheer up banoot…ma 7ada mestahel tsemi badak mishano wallah :)

  17. wonders Says:

    sho el 2osa ya jama3a? the blogsphere is on fire… Tawle balek babe ma 7ada bestahal

  18. sharkooseh Says:

    lah ya maioush 6oz 3aleh ele beza3lek :P

  19. sel3 Says:

    6ab laish el kahraba ma26oo3a?

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