Rated R Break Report…

Excuse my language in this post my friends.. My apologies to everyone…Everybody.. Meet your new friend Maioush… :D

And so I’m back, I’m still so damn disappointed (BIG TIME), still so freakin upset about everything happened, but you know what, running away from it is not the answer, avoiding everybody is not the answer, and definitely not to talk about it is SO NOT the answer.

Ok lets get to it.. My BREAK report:

It was a very stressful one (still is actually), too much drama, a lot of surprises (which I never imagined, even in my wildest dreams, that one day I will be actually dealing with), but here we are, I don’t care any more, I don’t want to care, WHATEVER!!! bel 3arabi… TOZ

The funny thing is, 2 years ago.. wait no.. 3 years ago to be exact, if I was in the same situation, I would of dealt with it, TOTALLY different (and I don’t mean it in a good way by any chance), but HEY.. look at me now :D … simply I’m saying TOZ (sorry but that’s the truth) 3an jad TOZ … mesh far2a ma3i any more

I have a very close friend who used to tell me all the time, “people are evil until they prove they are not”.. “Man was he right!!!” .. and did I used to reply? …

NOOOOOOOOO people are all good, there is no such a thing as evil, and even evil people can be really nice if you give them a chance… people are all nice until they proce they are not, “Damn it.. I’m so freakin wrong!!!”

But any way… I’m back with a personality makeover :) … I’m not that quiet calm lady any more, I’m not that patience understanding girl as well… ME FIRST, if I’m not happy about something or some one, hell with the world, why would I try my best to make you happy while I’m not???? No more putting people’s happiness before mine. No more loving people more than loving myself …Yeah Yeah.. I WAS like that; I was sooooo unfair to myself just to make the people I CARE about happy… well guess what? Those days are over :D … I don’t care .. TOZ.. JAD JAD JAD TOZ

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  1. Jumana Says:

    salli 3al nabi…
    I feel every word you typed…people can be really evil sometimes..but there are still some good people out there..people just like you…so don’t loose hope..but yes you have to be careful.

    Actually, I have been there and I really think that no one deserves it..no one deserves that big change that you are about to make in your personality…don’t change..don’t let them leave that big scar in ur soul…jusy BE CAREFUL..

  2. Jumana Says:

    I forgot to tell you welcome back :)
    your HOT post is the reason ;)

  3. summer Says:

    i do not agree with you at all! ALL people are good until proven otherwise!!

  4. 7aki Fadi Says:


    W mish bas Toz , w tozain kaman :D

  5. nido Says:

    Gaweyyeh Maioush…let it all out…we hear you & feel you!! as long as you are happy this way then let it be…WELCOME BACK:)

  6. qwaider Says:

    That’s the spirit … Well done!! :)
    And yeah … Toz !! Say it with a FULL mouth …

  7. noura Says:

    Welcome back “new” Maioush !!!
    The good hearted, loving people like you never change..don’t let the bad ones change you.. You are what you are and be proud.There is good and bad everywhere, all you have to do is be causcious and don’t let your guard down until you are certain..
    You were missed ..

  8. 7usam Says:

    TOOOOOOOOZ big time
    If that makes you happy :D
    But i still believe that all peoples are nice by default and evil is up normal
    By the way there is a “bad language” song by “Hani Mitwasi” called Toz :D

  9. Qabbani Says:

    welcome back ….

  10. Maioush Says:

    LOOOOOOOOOL you guys crack me up :D .. it seems like the angry Maioush has more popularity than the calm quiet one :D LOOOOOOOOOOOL

    Allahomma salli wa sallem 3aleah… well my friend, believe it or not, some people do leave a big scar and it hurts, although I got a lot of scars before, but as they say, the newest one hurts the most… the change has to be made for my own sake, things has to get done right around me because things are not working my way, I guess that’s a sign that my way is not right way… I’m really sick of the way that people are thinking about me as the “el taybeh el habla” … I have to take care of myself before taking care of other people.

    I guess you didn’t meet the bad ones yet… you’ll know what I mean when you get hurt by them… please remember those words when you meet tham!!

    7aki Fadi:
    I miss you GIRL!!! Walahi I do… allah yese3dek walahi, jad TOZEEN ;) …

    Lakaaaaaaaaan!!! Ana elli Gaweyyeh ya sheekha TOZ… from now on, wala yhemni 7ada ana … Jordan first … asdi .. ME FIRST :D .. walahi miss you kteer, salami o na22i la JEEJ OKZ ;)

    Telmeeztak ana… ma beddi adaye3 ta3abak khsara, mshan teb2a t2ool la el nas 3melet eshi mofeed b 7ayati la hal benet… thanks

    The good hearted loving people you are talking about, are the ones who get hurt the most, I’m proud of what I am, and I will be proud of the new me as well :) , I’m won’t be the “pure evil girl” .. I just need to learn not to put people’s satisfaction before mine, I need to satisfy myself before others.

    LOOOOOOOOOL yeah TOZ big time…
    Well, wait until you get hurt my friend o bteb2a t2ool Maioush 2alat :D .. “Allah la y2adder tab3an” bs you never know … aham shi take care of yourself, and treat yourself right.

    Thanks buddy.. thanks a lot.

  11. Who-sane Says:

    welcome back Maioush V2.0 ! :D

    but is “toz” the reason why this is rated R?

    bas ya 7aram el theme taba3ik saybo e3aqa bil Recent Comments

  12. Maioush Says:

    LOOOOL man, TOZ is not the reason, it’s the fact that people are evil. I mean give those kids a break, let then discover that people are evil by themselves, I don’t want them to know through me, let it be for people over 21, don’t you think?
    and yeah.. the theme looks pretty good to me, as well as the comments, i don’t see el 2e3aqah .. it’s your screen dada :D … hehehe ya 7araaaam el screen 3endak mo3awaqah ;)

  13. Dima Says:

    don’t do anything or be anyone just to make others happy.. so many times I felt im doing everything for people and where do I stand from all this.. but then I decided if i don’t want to do something then I won’t do it.. I COME FIRST before anyone else! just put yourself first ALWAYS :D

  14. Jasim Says:

    Aakam min marrah 7akaiti TOZ O_o

    Yeah I’m always saying that but no one listens, all the people are evil! But anyone listens to me, NO!
    Anyway welcome new Maioush, I like the new you :D

  15. Isam Says:

    Velcome to za Vorld my f3’iend …

    o toz ya3ne mele7 bel turki :)

    Ana Akhraho al Ashrar ! Ana Akraho Sharshabeel !

    o a7la ta7eyye la Maioush el gaweyye :)

    o 5alas bekaffe zana5a ya 3esam 3an jad …

  16. Isam Says:

    Velcome to za vorld my f3’iend …

    o Toz ya3ne mele7 bel turki …

    Ana Akraho Al Ashrar … Ana Akraho Sharshabeel

    o a7la ta7eyye la Maioush el gaweyye

    o 5alas zana5a ya 3esam 3an jad …

  17. Sel3 Says:

    hada raj3a be 3onf maioush! welcome back.

  18. Mnosh Says:

    ToOoOoOoZ wla 3la bali :P

    la2 ,elnas mnaa7 lma ma y2arbo 3leke w yetd5alo bema la ya3nehen :D elba2e toz tozeen thalathe :D
    ah ism3e Hane metwasi “toz” mbare7 wessltne :P

    welcome back :yai:

  19. Red Rose Says:

    Maioush new slogan ” 3a2iduuuuuun o bikuwa!! ” this time.

    Look ya g’abra ya 7azina 2na.. bitwasel m3i marrat hek o akter barmi kol shi mn wara dahri o bsiir jad jad mish far2a ma3i o shu elli bedo yseer yseer!! bikun el wa7ed astanfz kol el wasa2el o tawal balo o sar OVEr O it’s time to say TOZ..

    walla your post is very deep ya bnaiyeti..yes I am the one who learned not to enforce myself to do something I am not convinced in or happy with to please other..ya3ni batli ad7aki 3a 7alek ya benti ya Manal..! o hek I am happy with this result :)

    bs la2 ya sadekti el general rule that I expect that people are kind till 2an yathbut el 3aks! I try to quitt this but no it’s the right thing and really there are nice people. matlan in your first post here I remeber it very very well “hada ser bedi a2ulk ya” that you said thanks to Q. planet..jeet bedi a2ulk welcome abroad o hek bs el shitan l3b bi 3a2li o 2ali maybe she is not nice!!! I hate you shitan!! and till now “bijuz t2ulk 3ani majnuneh” bejini hajes bellei ani aktoblek hada el ta3li2 bs ba3din bansa :) 7aset bel zanb :( 2ino imagine if we expect that el rule ano new people and fellows are zinkheen 2ila 2an yathbut el 3aks! it’s disasterous..el new people are friendly and lovely till they prove the opposite :) as cute Maioush ..the Star now :)

    sorry for the long comment..sa3diyeh bet2ulk kibbi mn wara dahrek :)TC

  20. mala2e6 Says:


    hal2 hada R rated?

    ana 2olt ya3ni akam msabbeh ndeefeh ..yalla..maybe when i am really angry betshoofi il r rated aw x kaman

    ya sitty..i learnt the hard way,i always thought the best in everyone and i was rewarded with backstabbing people..isma3i


    تعش تنتعش

    هادا مبدأي الحالي

    و انا و من بعدي الطوفان

    هدا اللي بعدو

    ورضا الناس غاية لا تدرك حكمتي في الحياة

    الحكيمة ملائط

  21. Maioush Says:

    That’s what I just found out my dear.. I never thought I will think like this.. NEVER, but hey :D … I am now, and I’m liking this :) ME FIRST

    I’m glad you like the new me buddy (ra7 ykoom fi mn hada kteer la 2oddam :D ) .. and yeah, everybody is guilty and evil until they prove they are not.. but you guys are exception.. you are great .. all of you :D

    Oh yeah.. b qowweh kteer Kaman… I miss you guys ;)

    Walahi sheklo hadi el song nahfeh.. never heard of it.. can you send it to me by email if possible, I really want to hear it :D … miss you girl

    Red Rose:
    Ah ya ghabra ya 7azeeneh :D … ekhs 3aleaki, you thought that I’m a mean girl :( .. walahi ana meskeeneh allah ysam7ek.. tayeb walahi I’m glad I was able to change your mind about me .. ya lahwi law dallat heak kan mseebeh :S … walahi b hadi you are right, it’s bad to assume that people are not noce, bs walahi el wa7ed 3am yakol khabet ya bent el 7alal mesh tabee3i, maho Kaman mesh ma32ool ana adal akol darb 3ala rasi o ana nazleh a7ki le nas mna7!!! Allah yese3dek walahi kabbarteeli rasi 3ala hal comment elli bejanen, star o cute LOOOOOOOOL keber rasi ya bent :D ya raf3ali ma3naweyatti enti .. allah yes3ed albek :D

    Ya bent el 7ala hada rated R msha el fact that people all evil, I don’t want poor kids to know that early, amma 3ala el masabbat, fa ya 7asarah ana ma ba3ref aseb LOOOOOOL khaybeh b3eed 3annek :D
    Walahi ya Mala2e6 hainy ana I’m learning the hard way too, allah be3een, zai ma be2oolo “Elli be3eesh yama beshoof” o “el khebra tafta7 el 3aynayn” :D … o ya setti el 7akeemeh, 7ekmetek en7attat 7ala2a b dani

  22. bara2 Says:

    خطاب حماسي ههههههههههههههههههه الله اكبر عليكي
    عنجد عنجد حكيتي كل الي ببالي
    انا كمان بدي احكي باي باي للعالم ولكم بروءة .. ههههههههههه بدي احب نفسي براء اولا ..
    ارضاء العالم غاية لا ترجى .. بتهتمي بمشاعر هادا وهداك وبداري على هادا وهداك وبتيجي على حالك عشان هادا وهداك واول ما توقع بمصيبة بتخلى عنك هادا وهداك
    لا ….. طز للعالم كلها … بدي انضم الك … انا كمان كبرت وفرقت معي كتير … يعني فرقت معي بطريقة تفكيري بس من لما صار عمري 20 ونص …. خلص … ماعاد اهتم بيحكو عني انانية ولا لأ بكفي طيبة زايدة بتوقعك بشرك الاشرار الغاصبين … فعلا طز للعالم كلو … فيهم كلهم … مصلحتك قبل كل شي .. وبعدين خليك اكرم باخلاقك منهم … ولا تتطلعي على شو بيحكو ولا شو بيعملو … والعالم عمرو ما بيرضو لو شو ما عملتي فلأ اعملي الي بدك اياه وما تهتمي … خليكي اكبر … شو ما حكو اضربي فيه عرض الحائظ يا اختاه …
    ومعا نحو النصر :) :: واحد مبتسم على الاخير ::

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