On your 60th Birthday

297371_10150771291985438_7922005_nI wish you were here today, even for just a little while, so I could say Happy Birthday Baba, and see your face one more time.

The only gifts today will be the gifts you left behind; the laughter, joy and happiness, precious memories.

Today I’ll do my very best to try and find a happy place, struggling to hide my heavy heart and the tears on my face.

I’ll sit quietly and look at your picture remembering you, hoping you’re doing ok in Heaven up above.

May the angels hold you close and sing you a happy song, and I’ll be sending wishes and prayers to you today and every day.

You will always be in my heart, I remember your face, I remember your smile,   I remember your laugh, I remember your tenderness, I remember how you protected me and I know you still do.

You’ve been with God for quite some time, but the years will never let me forget, I will always remember you forever in my heart.

Baba, god’s garden must be beautiful, he always takes the best, he knew you were suffering, he knew that you were in pain, and saw your tired face, he then looked down upon the earth, he put His arms around you, and lifted you to rest.

He knew that you would never get well on Earth again, he saw the road was getting rough, and the hills were hard to climb, so he closed your wary eyelids, and whispered “Peace be thine.”

It broke our hearts to lose you, but you didn’t go alone, for part of us went with you.

The day God called you home…

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  1. Qwaider قويدر Says:

    I love that he’s a Libra just like me :). Libra’s are the best!

    He’s in a better place, and he left pieces of him with us for all eternity, he’s not really gone. He’s just away and we’ll all meet again.

    Happy birthday 3ammo … for the brief time that I knew you, you were one of the most amazing people I’ve ever met.

    May your soul rest in peace

  2. Haitham Al-Sheeshany Says:

    الله يرحمه و يصبركم

  3. Haitham Says:

    * Hello Maiosh, no more blogging?

  4. Haitham Says:

    * Hello Maioush, no more blogging?

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