No…You don’t have bone marrow cancer; it’s just a bad dream

Tomorrow at noon I’ll be heading to California, I wish I can say I’m going there for a vacation, I’m going there to see m dad, he was diagnosed with bone marrow cancer (multiple myeloma).

I still can’t believe it, for me it’s just a bad dream, my dad will be fine, that’s what I want, that’s what I wish for, I’ve been praying for him, and reading Qur’an for 2 days now, I know god will listen to us, I know he’ll answer our prayers, god is ra7eem, baba will be fine, baba will be fine, baba will be fine, baba will be fine, baba will be fine, baba will be fine, baba will be fine, baba will be fine.


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  1. chika Says:

    ensha2 allah ya Maioush he will fine, khaleki aweyyeh o m3afa be ethn allah 7abebti enti

  2. 7aki Fadi Says:

    Salamto Maioush. Inshallah he will be fine.

  3. LostWithin Says:

    InshAllah 7abibti ..Cancer treatment has come along way w inshAllah it works for him…
    stay strong for him and for your mom :)

    Allah yshafeeh ya rab

  4. Noura Says:

    7abibti, am REALLY sorry..
    Salamet 2albo ya rab, Inshallah he will be fine.. Allah ykoun ma3kon ..
    hugs to you and your mother :)

  5. hamede Says:

    Salamto in sha2 alah.

  6. Nizar Says:

    Salamto, I hope he recovers soon.

  7. Qwaider قويدر Says:

    Everything is going to be alright hayati … and inshallah he will recover soon bi2ithn ellah ..

  8. TripleM Says:

    my mother was diagnosed with cancer few years ago and I know how it feels to be in similar situation like yours.
    All I know is that we prayed…for months…and god responded our prayers….
    Just believe…and he will be OK….
    I wish I can comfort you more but I know it wont do anything. all I can do is pray for your father to be OK.
    Just try to be there for and his loved ones. He needs you near more than any time. That’s what I believe can conquer such injuriousness.

    Ya Rab ant Al Shafee ishfee

  9. kinziblogs Says:

    Oh Mai, I am SO sorry your family has to walk this road. May God carry you, your dad and your whole family as you trust in His mercy.

    You KNOW I will be praying. As you prayed for me, for healing and that it would become just a memory of God’s faithfulness.

    I recommend registering with Cancer Compass, they are a great networking tool and place to ask questions and get advice and encouragement.


  10. Summer Says:

    Many prayers to your father to get well soon, Ya Rab…never lose faith and hope…God has his own ways to make things better inshalallah soon.

  11. Simply Me Says:

    Im so sorry to hear this. Inshalla bi2oum bil salameh, and everything will be alright. salamto.. be strong and have faith.

  12. Maioush Says:

    teslamo ya rab, all of you! please pray for him please..

  13. JOMANA :( Says:

    MAIOUSH kelna r7 ned3elo e2om bl salameh yaarab..
    الَّذِينَ آمَنُواْ وَتَطْمَئِنُّ قُلُوبُهُم بِذِكْرِ اللّهِ أَلاَ بِذِكْرِ اللّهِ تَطْمَئِنُّ الْقُلُوبُ
    he will be fine inchallah habibi

  14. mab3oos Says:

    in sha’ allah inno ygoom bissalameh. Be strong maioush.

  15. Batoul Says:

    salamet your dad :( inshAllah bl shifa.
    Be strong, Allah ma3aki sweetheart. *hug*

  16. whisper Says:

    w inshallah he will be fine, i’ll pray for him
    reading Quran is v good keep on that

  17. nido Says:

    be strong maioush…he needs to see you strong! Keep the faith and keep making dua’a! Inshallah our prayers for him will be answered soon, sooner than you think:) Alf salameh 3alaih…

  18. Anon Says:

    I am so sorry Maioush… Allah eysaberkom through this difficult time o Allah yeshfee insha Allah

    Rabek ra7eem

  19. Maioush Says:

    keep on praying for him allah y5aleekom, i have hope inshalla, and i know that inshalla god will answer our prayers.
    ya rab ya kareem a ra7eem

  20. secratea Says:

    Ohh Maioush, I am so sorry to hear this. you all will survive this ordeal, inshalla… just be strong and positive. I will pray for him and the whole family, inshalla. Allah yeshfeeeh.

    7abeeebti *hug*

  21. nana Says:

    ensha’ allah he will be fine salamto
    w allah ysaberkom

  22. vagueraz Says:

    salamtoo maioush ,,,
    enshalla he will be alright soon ,,,
    sure allah will listen to us when praying to him …

  23. Om El Mees Says:


  24. afaf Says:

    inshalla he will recover , but u have to be strong, he needs all of u there to be strong….that effects him alot…
    and i will keep him in my prayers inshalla….
    i am so sorry for that, and inshalla this cloud will go away soon….

  25. sam Says:

    i am sorry you guys are going through this…i cant imagine how hard is for you guys….inshallah ya rab yoom belsalameh and yget better …he will be in my prayers…

  26. yemenia68 Says:

    Rebna yishfeeh inshallah
    May God bless you and your family throughout your lives.
    Never lose hope.
    : )

  27. Gardenia Says:

    Alla y3afi Maiuosh … Alla kareem w ra7man ra7im.

  28. jessyz Says:

    Rabena yeshfeeh wey3afeeh, wey3inko wey2aweeko.
    Rabena yekteblo el shifa wel3afya inshalla.

  29. Jano Says:

    hug you maioushte :*

  30. Diana Says:

    I’m sorry to hear thay Mai! rabna yeshfeeh w y3afeeh ya rab

  31. Wasim Says:

    Hello Maioush

    Salamto o inshallah allah beshfe, Listen I know this type of cancer very much, I am not a doctor but couple of years ago my mother was diagnosed with Multiple Myeloma, I read tons of articles and leaflets about it, even I was telling the doctors in Jordan what tests should they should do for her, this is not what I want to tell you, My MOM spent 45 days in the hospital, she lost almost half of her weight and every one saw her said she will never make it, but you don’t know when it is God’s well, that cancer just stopped by it self and it does not exist in her bone marrow any more and she has totally went back to her normal life since then, why? I don’t know, she did not take any special medicine or something, she was saved by the LORD. so I want you to know it is possible to go over this cancer, you have just to pray for your father and believe in GOD that he will help your father to go over this case.

    Any help just let me know, I know exactly how you feel right now.

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