No Moon Tonight…

I always look up to the sky and look for the moon when I’m out at night. While I was walking tonight, the sky was so clear; I looked up and could not find the moon. The sky was dark; I saw some stars but no moon…

I don’t know how to say this; I’m usually in a very good mood when it’s a full moon, but tonight I got the chance to notice the stars, and look at all the little light in the sky, what a wonderful scene.

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  1. unknown Says:

    moon, sun, and stars, i hope that ur sky always be a full moon

  2. Jumana Says:


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  3. Voyage: Looking For Your Moon? Says:

    […] have read a post by Maioush and she really made me think…Sometimes you just keep looking for the moon…and you forget how […]

  4. GraYFoX Says:

    this post tickled my mind :)

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