Life’s Treasures

Take time to look around you

To see the wonders that exist.

There are small daily miracles that can be found in your world.

Sometimes the worries of the day block our vision, keep us from seeing past our own cares and concern.

But if we slow down we can find that the most important moments of our lives are also the ones most easily missed.

How can we find peace in ourselves if we miss the beauty that we walk in?



Take the time to notice.

Your contentment will follow.

I wish for you the time today to find the small treasures of life :) .

7 Responses to “Life’s Treasures”

  1. Jasim Says:

    I am always thinking about that, but as you said our daily stress and worries block those lovely small treasures.. I hope we all at some point find them..

    Lovely post :)

  2. bara2 Says:

    there are many things that may cheer u up .. the prob is that u need time .. there isn’t time nowadys to set with urself and start remebering what is the nice events that happened in ur life .. i think they will ome with their own when u have a similer setuation .. they are always there .. u ca’y touvh them .. but u always feel them ..
    God bless u :)

  3. sam Says:

    nicley said, and so true…sometimes it is hard to find those little treasures..but one thing for sure, my kids always make me stop and ponder. even on the worst day, something they say, their smiles, the hugs ,the wet kisses, and the unintentionally funny things they do makes me stop and get out of the most misrable mood and make me smile..somehow it makes the day look soo much brighter..even if it is a misrable cloudy rainy day

  4. ola Says:

    Amen to that :)

  5. Qabbani Says:

    :) i hope soo

  6. Sel3 Says:

    it is so true. in the middle of all the chaos of our lives, we forget to live!

  7. Maioush Says:

    I’m glad you like it, there is always a way to find joy in life , hope it will be easy for you to find :)

    Awal shi 7amdella 3ala salamtek ya amar.. hope you’re feeling much better right now.
    And yeah, time is the clue, take few seconds a day to look arounf and count your blessing my dear.. god bless you too :)

    God bless you and the kids.. I got goose bumps reading your comment my dear.. that was amazing.. allah ye7meelek yahom ydeemek foo2 rashom ya rab :D

    Ameen my dear

    Me too :)

    That’s why we need to set back a little and enjoy the moments we pass through

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