JOY is such a joy …

Today I met a new friend, the little cute Joy, he is just awesome, I spent more than 3 hours with him without really looking at my watch, he is really cute.

I think he didn’t really like at first, you can tell from the way that he was running around, he was really nervous, I was looking at him and thinking, I guess he asking himself; “who the heck is she???”

LOOOOOOOOL, it didn’t take us that long to be friends :) , within half an hour he was running around me and playing like crazy :D ….

Although I got few scratches on my hand, but it’s ok, I had fun ;)


HEHEHEHEHE :D … YES.. I was talking about a dog, but I’m telling you my friends, this is not an ordinary dog, he is something else :)

He will be visiting me from now on, JiJi “my friend V” decided to drop him over to play sometimes :) how cool is that :D

I don’t think my little brother will be really happy about it, but hey… he’ll get used to it eventually :)


8 Responses to “JOY is such a joy …”

  1. redrose Says:

    Niyallo shu cute..adaferek 7ilween lols Maoush :)

  2. Mnosh Says:


    kolshe 2ela eni asseb elklab !

    3asafer aw samak a7la :$

  3. qwaider Says:

    Hey …. he’s Maltese too … like my Tara :) … so cute .. But my tara is cuter :)

  4. bara2 Says:

    actually i don’t like dogs w kol she be3od w elo asnan .. but this one looks cuuuuuuuuuute .. sa3’non w 7elo .. be happy 6alama enek ma bet5afe .. :P

  5. Sam Says:

    awwwwwwwwww! so cute!! good thing he is not a bird:)

  6. Who-sane Says:

    He looks like a small squeezable teddy bear. How cute! :-D

  7. summer Says:

    maioush, where have you been? too busy or too lazy? miss reading from you!

  8. Qabbani Says:


    any body there?? na3deen 3andko sejadeh !! nice

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