Jordan Blogs meeting, I wish I can be there…


 Good for you guys, you having another meeting while I’m away, I was hoping that I will meet all of you last March, but hey, things did go the way I planned.

I saw an announcement on Aya’s Blog about it, I wish I can be there with you guys, but you will not forget to take pictures right? right? RIGHT?? :D

So guys, have fun, and looks like the place is nice, and the agenda is interesting, when I come over to Amman I WANT ONE!! :D but for now I’ll share with you the details about it, have fun 3anni law sama7to ;)

For further information you can contact Aya at:

Dear Jordanian Bloggers

It’s been a very long time since our last meeting. It’s time to do have a get together.

Jordan Blogs is proud to host the next meet-up here are the details:

.Location: Jafra Café .
.Time: Starting at 5:00pm
.Date: December 6th 2007
.Who can attend: Bloggers, Future bloggers, Readers and their families.

We had a great time in every blogger gathering we had in the past and it’s time to do it again. But this time we actually have an agenda (other than getting to know one another)

Agenda for this meeting:

.Discuss how we, as bloggers, can become better citizens in support various activities in the community. (Naseem Tarawneh’s Baqaa camp efforts as an example)

.What can we do to make a difference? (Husain Tamimi’s ordeal as an example for making a difference)

.Introduce new bloggers. (email new bloggers list to click HERE to suggest a new blogger to introduce) This is arguably the best part

.Express and exchange ideas on “How to make the Jordanian blogging community a better place for everyone”

Alright all, please help us successfully organize this event by sending us an RSVP using the following links

Click HERE to let us know you’re coming. Or click HERE if you can’t make it

See you all there.

11 Responses to “Jordan Blogs meeting, I wish I can be there…”

  1. Jano Says:

    see you there guys :)

  2. sam Says:

    eish had..why so early:( my kids dont go to bed untill 8:30:( so i cant go….waaaaaaaaahhhhhhhhhhh:( and im right here…so unfair!

  3. Qabbani Says:

    @ Sam

    bring them with u :D , add to that we never met less than 3 hour’s some time up to 5 :)

  4. sam Says:

    qabbani inshallah u guys will still be there at 8:30-9…bas bring then no way…no one will want to read my blog after they meet my monsters..:)

  5. Qabbani Says:


    you don’t know , but i guess the time going to be changed ,

    8.30-9 , don’t worry every thing can be arranged :)

  6. Maher Says:

    Sweet Cream..On an icecream Sandwish!!

    I will do my best to be there. But still not sure of it!

  7. sel3 Says:

    what’s your credit card no. I’ll send you a ticket 3a 7sabee

  8. Maioush Says:

    Neyyaaaaaaalek :-s

    Sam,Yeah yeah, take them with you , Qabbani will baby set :D , looks like he is volunteering :D

    Come on man, just go, o take pictures law sama7t!

    LOL, why don’t you send me yours :D , and I’ll go 3ala 7sabi ;)

  9. alqabbani Says:

    Yeah i DO :D , i know exactly where to take them :D

  10. Qabbani Says:

    Yeah i DO :D , i know exactly where to take them :D :)

  11. Idetrorce Says:

    very interesting, but I don’t agree with you

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