OK, here goes … I know they say ‘size doesn’t matter’, but to me it does – enormously. As far as I’m concerned, the more inches, the sexier it becomes. Just looking at one can make me go weak at the knees – granted, that isn’t a major achievement, considering my lack of balance. The last one I saw was a deep, dusky red. It must have been at least four inches high, with two thin, winding straps ready to tie elegantly around the ankle, and a toe so delicately pointed you could tickle a baby’s tummy with it. I remember debating whether to go inside, sit down, and ask if they had my size. But why? I can’t walk in stilettos!! My most optimistic guess was that I’d be able to stand completely still for three seconds, but I failed to convince myself that was a good enough reason to buy a pair of high (we’re talking ear-popping) heels.


What is it about high heels that makes them so appealing? Easy. You’re saying, “Look everyone, I’m so feminine I only need a pair of toothpicks to hold me up.” My well-worn Caterpillar boots came with a leaflet which proudly stated that they were suitable for, “Any weather. Any terrain. Any climbing”. I’ve tested out rain and mud, but I think they are otherwise over-qualified for my feet. I really should have grown to love the whole ‘flat-shoe thing’ by now.


On the plus side – I am 5’11”, which means that I don’t actually need the extra height. But how often does anyone need a pair of sexy shoes? For me, it’s about having (or not having) the option to buy a shoe. Don’t get me wrong – there are some lovely ballet-shoe styles out there, but I would like to own them out of choice not necessity.


You are probably thinking that I have spent far too much time pondering this particular footwear issue, and I am inclined to agree with you. Alas, that time has already been wasted, so I might as well share with you my proposed solution to this fashion dilemma.

  • The Problem: Maioush wants to wear high heels. Her balance says “NO!”
  • The Aim: To attain a pair of high heels that look good and that Maioush can walk in.
  • The Conclusion: The shoes will be designed to have a special retractable heel. This unique mechanism will allow the shoe to be flat when walking but (here’s the science part) when Maioush is seated or stationary, a heel will come shooting out and click into place. Once on the move again, the heel will retract and – voila! – balance will be restored, the world saved and peace … all right, it’s not rocket science, but I’m sure my Year 7 science teacher would be proud.

So, I had the answer. Now all I had to do was to wait for the right time … :D

17 Responses to “I LOVE HIGH HEELS… BUT!!!!”

  1. Sam Says:

    yeh highheels are nice! i used to be able to wear them with no problem..but after two pregnancies my balance has gone bad…but i still wear them..i have no choice! i will not be caught dead wearing flats unless im working out at the gym or at the park where i have to run after the kids…since in only 5’1 (157cm) i need the heels:( so i have no choice:( o well…:o)

  2. Dima Says:

    High heels make you look slim .. when I gain weight I always wear high heels :$ it can change the whole outfit.. the problem though is that im ALWAYS used to flat shoes.. :S

  3. kinziblogs Says:

    Girl, that was an oh-so-naughty intro!! But quite well suited to your main topic :).

  4. Who-sane Says:

    I got all excited reading the first paragraph then I realized you’re talking about shoes! :P

  5. nido Says:

    Me too! I don’t know how to walk with high heels! Even if I try so hard, still it’s painfull at the end of the day…I just thank God a million time that hubby’s height is almost as mine , so I’ll never need to wear high heels to look normal walking next to him:D
    Ba3dain high heels will cause pain in the back if you keep wearing them for years…haik arya7:D

  6. Maioush Says:

    LOOOOOL Sam, my balance is already bad :) , but as for your height, you have to, and I can’t although I like it… I guess ma 7ada 3ajbo elli 3endo :D
    I hear you my dear I have a huge problem wearing high heels, I can’t keep my balance for some reason, I have no clue how other ladies are doing it, I swear I saw some ladies “running” like they are wearing tennis shoes or something but me!!! :oops:
    LOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOL I never thought about it, but my friend, the title says it all :D .. I guess I’m learning new ways for indroducing my topics ;)
    LOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOL man you baaaaaaaaaaaaaad
    Well, the problem is MOST guys are shorter than me, but I sooooooooooo like wearing high heels, they are just so feminine, I can’t walk with them, and I look VERY tall, so I can’t wear them :S

  7. Tamara Says:

    I love high heels, I just can’t wear them for long periods of time ! and walking is very bad as well, the problem is that my Fiancé is some 30 cm taller than me !! so I need all the help I can get : )

  8. Mnosh Says:

    girlsh issues :P

    mrten bs lbeset high heels :D kol mra bao sa3a b3den b3’aieer loooooool
    malhen 7fayat elza7eef w el sport shoes :P m3 eni i need them (abt 158 cm)..

  9. Isam Says:

    I like high heels only with dresses (like the pictures) … with jeans and other stuff o prefer ballerina shoes or sport shoes … am a nice guy u see :P

  10. noura Says:

    I use to wear high heels even if there is a possiblity I might break my neck !! I love those shoes that you tigh the string around the ankles, they make you walk with more confidence on the way you loook..
    Now vanity took second place, comfort is the key.. but am always eyeing the windows for those nice pair of shoes, a girl can dream , right ??
    Yesterday I wore high heels, put a smile of my face while my back was aching but who cares,I looked nice..This morning ya Maioush,my knees feels funny !!

  11. Jumana Says:

    you just have to wear the high heals and walk with a book on your head for hours..and you will be a model :)

  12. Maioush Says:

    LOOOOOOOL he is 30cm taller?? Wow I can’t dream of that hehehe the only guys I know taller than me are my brothers, can you believe it???
    Well, at least you can wear and you still look nice, unlike me, I look like a tower LOOOOOOOOOOL

    Ya 7abeebti ya Mona… betsamdi sa3a?? :D ana a5er marra lbeset la3eb kan youm 3ors eben 3amti o el nos el tani mn el 3oros kont 7afyeh (bs la te7ki la 7ada) LOOOOOOOOOOOL

    You are a nice guy, but let me guess… you are not that tall are you? ;)

    LOOOOOOOOOOOOL you are something girl :D … I wish I can do the same, but the problem is “my balance byen2a7 3alyya ya akhchi” LOOOOOOOOOL ya reat law a2dar.. neyalek.. salamat la you knees ya amara :)

    Yeah right, me… a model … kteer labe2li mashalla LOOOOOOOOOOOL :D

  13. manal Says:

    hahaha..i have the same problem..i cant walk with high heels..but i convinced myself that i don’t like them!!

  14. Qabbani Says:

    hey U … 180 + high sho esmo … u kiddin right … :P

  15. La Flor Says:

    high heels are for those who drive or are given rides.
    try stable high heels for a start. and work on your balance ;)

  16. 7aki Fadi Says:

    Cool article.

    I LOVE HIGH HEALS… love them and I wear five inch heals and I don’t care and I tower over most men..lol..I get to be 6 feet tall! Who wouldn’t want that? Oh the feeling of power , love it.

    Now there are shoes with heals that look sexy and they are comfy. I shop long with shoes with heals because I am such a klutz! So i look hard to find ones I can walk with, the summer is great because Sandals are soooo comfy and cute :)

  17. Isam Says:

    yea am not TALL but am ok maioush … 5’11” :) i can see ur point though … ya3ne i would be intimidated if i dated a taller girl :) ya3ne imagine u + 5″ heels = 6’4″ … that cant look good :) …

    go to germany … u will have more options there :)

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