Coughing, sneezing, itchy & sore throat, watery eyes, & BODY ACHE… I knew it wasn’t allergy!!! And last night the fever proved it…

God… I’m shivering, I’m extremely tired, I think I’ll start hallucinating soon, having the guys around is not really helping, I’m the only FEMALE in the house, so even if you are sick, you have to do what you have to do, or else the house will look like it got hit by TSUNAMI… AAAAAAKKKKKHHHHH weanek ya emmi…

19 Responses to “I’M SICK… I HATE IT WHEN I’M SICK…”

  1. 7aki Fadi Says:

    Salamtik. Inshallah bisset iljiran wala inti.

  2. hamede Says:


  3. Qabbani Says:

    Salamat …

    Come one her Brother give a hand …. Lazy boys …


  4. Who-sane Says:

    sorry to hear that maioush :( … hope you get well soon

  5. Qwaider قويدر Says:

    Slamteek ya na7noo7a!

  6. Sel3 Says:

    salamtek maioush! enshala bisset jeran 7aki, jerani ma 3ndhom bisse!

  7. Summer Says:

    i figure you wont cook then!! kidding…
    take care of yourself and hope you get over it soon.

  8. Dima Says:

    salaaaaaaaaaaaaaamtek sweetie! hope you’ll get better soon :)

  9. Hala Says:

    Aw, salamtek dear. Hope you get well soon :)

  10. nido Says:

    salamtik maioush:( lessa hadeek il marra konti btakli shwaerma -neyyalik-!!! :ppp no, really! salamtik! hope u get better soon:)

  11. bara2 Says:

    salamtek ya mai salamat … b3ed elshr 3nk sweetie ..
    i’m sick too .. belmoot la2a2om afta7 elblogs .. i can feel the same .. enshallah u’ll feel better so soon .. w eza 7al2ek bewaj3ek e3male 3la el5ala6 labn w tom u’ll feel better .. believe me :)
    6amnena 3nk ..

  12. sam Says:

    aw…poor maioush! salamtik…i know how u feel..im getting over a cold and being the only female between 3 boys, 3 very messy boys…especially the oldest one…it was no picnic..but i gave them all chores…bolbol had to pickup his own toys or they would be confiscated, and take his plates back to the kitchen sink…ziad had to tidy up his room and any toys that he brings to the family room..and rami had to buy dinner three times this past week:) but i still had to tidy up 3x a day..do the dishes and make bkast and lunch for…..i so need a shagalleh!

  13. Qwaider قويدر Says:


  14. Jumana Says:

    salamtek maiousheh…inshalla the neighbours’s cat :)

    just kidding…drink kteeeeeeeeeeeeeeeer orange

  15. Abed Hamdan Says:

    so what you trying to say is the house becomes dirty when it’s all males ??

    wana bagool laaaish sarli 5 yrs 3ayesh fi mazaabel

    salamtek :P

  16. Maioush Says:

    7aki Fadi:
    alah ysallem 3omrek ya rab… yeha yeah besset el jeeran wala ana :D .. allah yese3dek ..

    Allah ysalmak ya rab.

    Alah ysalmak thank you, yeah o meen sem3ak…

    Thank you very much dear.. I appreciate it.

    Allah ysallem 3omrak ya na7noo7.. ;)

    LOOOOL . thank you very much dear… yeah besset jeeran 7aki :D… thanks

    Yeah… 7ejjeh b 7ajeh .. no cooking :D LOOOOOL.. thank you dear

    Ma atyabek.. thank you very much 7abeebti…

    Teslami ya rab… allah yslmek ya amar, thank you you kteer.

    Aaaaaaaah el shawerma.. walahima l7e2et athanna feeha ya bent el 7alal… abadan 3ala el saree3.. allah ysalmek ya 3omri teslami ya rab kollek zoo2

    Ma azkaki yah al bent… walahi enek 3asooleh enti, laban o toom, walahi ray7a 3an bali … salamtek enti Kaman 7abeebti, sheklo had mawsem el flu .. kollo mareed

    I HEAR YOUUUUUUU… 3 messy boys, aaaaaaaaakh you can control your honey, I can’t control mine, kol wa7ad feehom shab mashalla, I can’t give them chores, they have to do it themselves.. yalla allah be3eeen, elyoum walahi mo adreh 2a2om mn el ta5ett so lazem ydabro 7alhom badooni.

    Walahi enta elli cool :)

    Allah yes3ed albek ya amar, walahi haini, I drank more than a gallon of lem since morning… hope it will work.

    Abed Hamdan:
    LOOOOOOOOOL, walahi da7atni, ana ma kan asdi enno el shabab 3efneen, bs come on, you guys are not cleam enough, lets face it, hala2 eid el benet bel beat metel eid el shab?? :)

  17. Na3ouri Says:

    ان شاء الله والدتك بترجع بالسلامة :)

  18. Red Rose Says:

    slamtek Maioush..sorry I am late to leave my comments and reached late..:( I am two busy these days! I try to check what’s around from time to time..hek 3assarii3..so I dedicate you a bunch of roses now :)

    dabdubek 3aja2ni! leh m3asseb?ops the tree above animation are lovlier :) salamt dear again.

  19. Maioush Says:

    allah ysallem 3omrak thank you very much.

    Red Rose:
    allah yese3dek.. walahi miss you around ya Manal… and LOOOOOOOOOOOOOL el dabdoub 3aja2ek :D hehehehe .. 3ajabni l2no kteer 7erek, ana heak, kteeret 7arakeh, zakarni b 7ali.. tawattor mashi :D LOOOOOOOOOOOOL

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