I’m proud of who I am…

One of the things that bring me joy and happiness the most is meeting an Arab person with great achievements in United States.Everybody around me knows how much I get excited when I work or meet Arab people, and yesterday I met one great person :)

Dr. Sammy Saab (Sa3b) is a 34 years old doctor, who works as an Associate Professor of Medicine and Surgery at UCLA Medical Center; I was honored to meet him this morning as our lecturer for our usual medical class, Dr.Saab was a great speaker, the subject was really boring, it was about HCV (Hepatitis C) but and in an incredible way Dr.Saab got everybody’s attention in his great way of lecturing, made the class so much fun although we were talking about really sick people, and I was annoying as usual and started asking bunch of questions :) , and every time he would start his answer with a joke :D .. it was great, this was my first time enjoying a medical class, and guess what, I found out today from that coffee is good for your liver!!! And I’ll write a whole post about that, because this is great, especially for a coffee addict like me :) .

After the class was finished, I had the chance to talk to Dr.Saab, and discuss a lot of things, I was really impressed by the way he was explaining things, and the common sense he has, I was really amazed by the work he is doing at UCLA, and the researches he made, and add to that, he is studying for his PHD, seriously …WOW.

Believe me, there is nothing on earth like having a conversation with a smart guy, I admit.. I really admire smart guys, I have a lot of respect to them :) .

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  1. Hareega Says:

    Hepatitis C is not that boring of a subject :)

  2. kayan Says:

    smart people effect on u….charge u & make u full of power 2 create …
    thats wht im talking about …
    visit my blogger…

  3. Whosane Says:

    Well, thank you, thank you! I have a lot of respect for you too! :-)

  4. Abed Hamdan Says:

    yallah 3o2bal matseere famous Arab American :D

  5. Maioush Says:

    Lucky you if you don’t find it boring :)
    Well, at least I found out that coffee is good for my liver :D

    Totally agree with you, my god.. for the first time in my life I was actually listening to the class LOOOOOOOOOOL.

    Yee allah yese3dak.. hala hala 3ammi ;)

    Abed Hamdan:
    Allah yesma3 menak yaaaaaaa rab, walahi I’m working for it, ra7 a3melkom fdee7a :D LOOOOOOOOOOOOL

  6. Hala Says:

    I, too, really admire smart guys :)

    Yalla glad you had fun, and it sure is a pleasure to see an Arab achieving a lot and making us proud ;)

  7. Qabbani Says:

    nice u enjoy it .. : )

    oh about Smart PPL .. bad habit i had and try to fix it as much i can : i cant deal with stupid ppl , or limited mind they really confuse me a lot of time . i really enjoy and feel gr8 when talk and make conversation with smart one’s …

  8. afaf Says:

    smart ppl r attractive, as long as they donot get carried away with their high degrees and become so snobish…believe me…pHds holders dont impress me anymore!!! i have seen it all and i can really write a book about it….
    no offence….

  9. Maioush Says:

    Thank you dear, it was so much fun, and to tell the truth.. the guy is really smart, I had so much fun talking to him.

    As for me it’s not that I don’t stand them, or deal with them, it’s just that I don’t enjoy it.
    Because sometimes it’s not their fault… :)

    You know that’s one of the things that I really respected in him, he didn’t have that fake ego “oh I have PHD, oh I did this, oh I did that” (you know how Arab guys are in this country).. I really hate those people.. they think that they are better than everybody around them …. I just can’t stand them… “aktar sgi bakraho b 7ayati el ‘3oroor jad

  10. afaf Says:

    who wants to hang around egoestic ppl…noone!!!
    yeah inshalla he will stay down to earth person, after his degree…
    believe me arabs change…even if they dont want to or admit to do so….

  11. Manal Says:

    You made me want to see this guy..i really like those who have an attractive way of lecturing..

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