I’m Maioush and I’m a chipsoholic!!

 Guys I’m sorry, but I can’ resist this any more, I tried so hard not to, bs mafi faydeh, I can’t stop eating it, it’s just so YUMMY!!


You should really try it, it’s amazing, if you are one of those you like sour food like me, you will definitely LOVE this chips, it tastes just perfect, once you start eating, you will never stop…  :D

Guys, you have to try it, I’ve never been so addicted to chips before, I mean I’m neutral when it comes to snacks and stuff, but THIS!!! THIS!! I can’t stop walahi!!

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  1. nido Says:

    SOUR! mmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm

  2. mab3oos Says:

    my favorite is flaming munchies…I can still feel the burn

  3. jumana Says:

    stop tempting us!


  4. Jasim Says:

    Lay’s Lemon?! Yer7am ayam chips el flafel bus!

  5. sharifo Says:

    ya salam !!
    Lamoon ?!
    i second Jasem…yer7am ayam ma konna nakol chips mo3aba2 bel dokana…be 2ayde feles6eneya allah wa7do ye3lam ween kanat qabl 3amaliyet el ta3be2a !!

    aaal lamoon aaal !!

  6. Batoul Says:

    Can you believe I STILL havent tried it since you told me about it like 2months ago? lol shu ykhti you sound like you’re giving a casual PR LOL! :P :P Whats with chipsoholic? lool

  7. Diana Says:

    Lemon? I wonder how does it taste!
    I generally prefer cheese flavors especially Nachooooooo yum yum

  8. Maioush Says:

    YUM YUM Walahi. Kan lazem a5aleeki tjarbeeh while yiou were here :)

    I can’t eat hot stuff, I’m a “Na3Na3” when it comes to these things :D

    You HAVE to try it 3an jad :D

    I always hated Falafel chips ;)

    LOOOOOOOOOOOOOL ta3be2at el dokaneh lakan :D … Allah yer7am man :D

    Lessaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa??? OMG you are missinf a lot walek!!

    I’m just like you, but this is sooooooooooooooooooo good!! OMG it’s amazing, it tops everything you tasted before, 3ala damanti :)

  9. Abed Hamdan Says:

    mafi coffee flavored chips ??

  10. Jasim Says:

    No it was really good, cancerous but good. :D

    As for Abed, if there is one, I would like to have it with Marlboro Lights flavor. :D

  11. Lost Within Says:

    Lemon? It sounds interesting !
    I am still a Ketchup girl , I know it is tasteless but that’s wut I like :P

  12. Maher Says:

    what does it say on the right top cornor? 0 fat? or i need to wear my glasses,,,oh boy!

  13. sam Says:

    maioush !!! Shame on u!!! some of us are trying to start losing weight…and now u talk about chips! tsk tsk tsk! i am not a chips person but once i start eating i cant stop…but chips do not know my name so they never call me…bas still …i will try it when i lose 5lb:)

  14. vagueraz Says:

    yummmy :) waz3eeelna mneu :p LOL

  15. Lulu Says:

    lol. Good for you! I know what you mean, they are tasty.

  16. Oriental Arabesque Says:

    the chili doritos are my guilty pleasure..i just LOVE it but i don’t allow myself to buy it all the time..cause i’ll suffer the horrible consequences later..and all the effort in the gym will go with the wind..lol!

  17. wonders Says:

    I love chips! 5alas if i find it here i’ll take your recommendation and try it…

  18. Maioush Says:

    Fi 3ala betenjan beddak? :)

    5odlak!! U smoke????????? Shame on u!!

    Lost Within:
    I hate ketchup, I ate so much when I was little to the pint that I can’t evern stand the smell of it now :)

    LOL! Yeah 0 grams of fat :D .. tle3et betshoof :D LOL!

    Yalla after 5LBs :)

    Eh mo 3ala 3eani ;)

    It is soooooooooooo tasty :)

    Oriental Arabesque:
    You have to try it Mais, it’s amazing, walahi it is amazing, you change you mind about the Doritos.. I used to love it too, bs now, fi had :D

    If u don’t find it, I’ll send u wala yhemmek :D

  19. secratea Says:

    I love sour everything, including chips.. yummy, i love sour chips loool.. i will try this one for sure! thanks for the recommendation!
    (my comment came soooo late, sa7?)

  20. Maioush Says:

    LOL! wala yhemmek Secratea, you are never late ;)

  21. ranooshitika Says:

    i have this addiction 2 !!!! bas 2 any kind of chips in the world .
    i think they should open a clinic 4 chipsoholics.

  22. miss sea_lover Says:

    Lay’s should pay u for this Ad., lol i guess it is more effective than the Ads they have on Tv..:D, it made me want to try it ASAP

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