“I’m a heartbreaker”…

“I was the one who dumped him”, “I’m the one who left him”, “I’m a heartbreaker, nobody breaks my heart”, “when ever u feel he will leave, dump him right away”, “don’t let him be the one who leaves you”…Etc, words I’ve been hearing from girls lately, it just drives me crazy.

Whenever the girl is the one who left the guy, its ok, its her right to do so, and above all that he is suppose to try to win her back, but god help him if he was the one who dumped her because it didn’t workout for whatever reason, she will have nothing but hate towards him, he will be the worst guy on earth, he will be the one who never respects women, he deserves nothing but hate and disrespect.

Today I’ve heard a new trick that girls are following; “I’m going to win him back and after that I’m going to get revenge by dumping him this time”!!!!

Now to make it clear, I’m not against women, and I’m not defending guys, and girls, I’m with you all the way, but the truth is.. I can’t, not this time, really, it’s too much.

I’m not saying that guys don’t do that too, maybe they do, but I see it between girls more often, they get really upset when a guys leaves them instead of them leaving the guy, they get upset about that more than the fact they actually broke up.

I totally understand that it always hurts when we are told that the special someone in our life no longer wants o be with us, as it is hard to put an end to a relationship. It is the end of the world right? After you have been going out with someone for a while, even a short period of time, it hurts when they no longer feel the same way about you, as you do about them. A knife into your heart would hurt much less than this loss? And you think that no one would ever understand your pain?

 But can we please start dealing this as mature people, and stop being so narrow minded about it? Can we try to learn how to have healthy breakups? Can we try not to talk bad about our ex-partner behind their back and making them look like they are the worst people on earth? Can we try to LET GO and move on without making a big deal about who left who?

We all want the perfect everlasting relationship, but sometimes; relationships comes to an end, for what ever reason, it doesn’t mean you’re a bad person, and doesn’t mean its your fault, things just happens, and life goes on.

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  1. 7ala Says:

    No comment …. bs …. wella jd no comment a7san!

  2. Qwaider قويدر Says:

    You know, I can totally relate, when people get dumped they have rejection issues to deal with which makes some of them extremely bitter and bent on revenge. A wasted effort to say the least
    As they say, Hell has no fury like a women scorned. And that is absolutely true

    If a girl dumps a guy, that’s perfectly normal and expected and he would be considered a crazy stalker if her tries to win her back! But if the guy dumps a girl and she goes behind his back on a crusade to revenge from him by ruining any thing she can get her hands on….

    Anyway, very deep and insightful article … well done Maioush, your articles and your blog are becoming more and more mature and deep. Keep it up …

  3. kinzi Says:

    Almost missed this one! there is NO excuse for the emotional manipulation of another human that we cared deeply for once.Tthe whole revenge thing is sick, and it hurts both the dumpee and the dumper. People who practice this kind of behaviour end up old, cynical and ALONE.

  4. The Observer Says:

    I have seen this before. I personally think that it is ridiculious to keep hunting another person for revenge. When someone dump another one then the dumped one should just let it go. Pushing to get back into the relationship doesnt help, and revenge doesnt help either.

    I always believe in the saying “If you want to keep a bird, set him free”.

    I believe that this can be a good tip for the ladies. when they feel their lover annoyed of something, let him go. As him if he wants out. It helps to ease the tenrsion and make him aware that he is in this relationship by his own will.

  5. hamede Says:

    Healthy breakups,i like this one.

  6. Maioush Says:

    7ala: it is not like u not to comment dear, I’m waiting for the real one.
    Qwaider: I agree with u on that, people do have rejection issues; we like to be accepted in any way, but unfortunately we do it in the wrong way. And deal with the rejection in a vary bad way, as I said, we need to learn how to have healthy breakups.
    I’m so glad that u liked the article, and I’m so happy about ur last sentence, it’s an honor to have such a comment from u ya man :) thank u very much.
    Kinzi: u r totally right, people who look for revenge are really sick and I’m sure they will end up alone.
    The Observer: “if u want to keep a bird, set him free” what we do is; “if u want to keep a guy, tie him next to u to death” MY GOD.. Give them their space … (that’s one hard lesson I’ve learned through the years)… Thank u for stopping by dear.
    hamede: I’m glad I like it.. :)

  7. Red Rose Says:

    You know Maioush, so great If we can follow up what you discussed but as human beings we are controlled (at least at beggining) by the emotional reaction..then after a while we should be reasonable and adult enough to accept truth and current sitiuation as it is, so it needs good feedback actually.

    Bousi & Nour Elshirif very good example for healthy breakup..they respected what was between each and keep the pure image despite what happened.I liked the way they treat the matter bet. not as Asala matlan.

  8. lolo Says:

    hi maioush i really face adeep pain ,my fiance decided to leave me, becauce my father doesnt like him and he is an employee and doesnt have his own business we struggle about maybe he could leave his job or he even could be fired ,so my fiance lift already and i couldnt sleep or eat or think and my dad willnot agree about the idea of letting me seeing a spsychitrist am not able to talk to my friends or even to go out and hang out somewere ,at first my dad was ok with the idea of him being with that jop for making me happy but now his not ,and my fiance is areally good and kind person and he really loves me and am sure about it plz help me how to get him back and the weirdest is that am calling him and he doesnt answer and once he answered before he didnt even said i missed you. ive been going with him for 4 years before our engangment .
    and plz if any man or boy have the ability to solve my problem plz id like to see your comments

  9. cundadetFleed Says:

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