Happy Mother’s & Mother’s TO BE day to you Ladies…

So today May 13th will be Mother’s day in United States … and since Friday was the last working day before that occasion.. the Medical department had a huge party to celebrate the occasion :D That was one cool party.. the very first time to enjoy since I started working where I work :) , and although I’m not a big fan of food, but today’s food was great :D .. especially the chicken salad, YUMMY :D

On top of that I got a gift… I was the youngest female employee in the whole department ha???? Me??? God.. if I’m the youngest, how old are the people I work with??? I know they keep calling me “kido” wherever I go, but I thought I’m the youngest in the pharmacy department, not the whole medical department… heheheh :D , I won for the youngest daughter, I was shocked!!!

So any way this post is to wish all my bloggers friends the mothers and the mothers to be a very happy mothers day… and they are :D :

First of all to my MaMa.. allah ma ye7remni mennk ya rab ya emmi… walahi ba7ebbek :D

My colleague 7aki Fadi (although we never met in Philadelphia Uni :) ) .. Happy Mother’s day to you my dear :)

The sweet sweet Kinzi .. Happy mother’s day Honey :)

The cool Mom Summer… I wish a very happy mother’s day :)

The good-looking Mom Sam… Happy Mother’s day, I guess you’ll spend it on the road :)

And to the special lady Afaf.. happy mother’s day to you too sweet heart :)

And to all the Mom’s to be and they are:


Bara2 (Sweet like a  Rose)

Dima (Simply me)

Fatoom (Natural Blu)

Hala (Soul Blossom)

Jano (Janmania)

Jumana (Voyage)

Laila (Palestinian Cosmologist)

Manal (Red Rose)

Manal (Awraq Manal)

Nido (Jeedo’s)


Tamara (Tamara’s Corner)



and everybody else I forgot to mention .. Happy Mother’s TO BE day girls :D

11 Responses to “Happy Mother’s & Mother’s TO BE day to you Ladies…”

  1. Hala Says:

    Aw how nice of you :)

    It is really sweet of you to remember me even though lessa bakeer hehehe :P

    Happy Mother’s day to all the moms -and moms to be- in the world :D

  2. Qabbani Says:

    HaPpy MothEr day to all :)

  3. Jasim Says:

    Yeah yeah yeah happy Mother’s bla bla day :S

    When is father’s day! I want to see my name down there :mad:

  4. Na3ouri Says:

    Happy Mother’s Day to all of you

  5. Jumana Says:

    thanks Maioush..so kind of you.

    actually I am a mom

  6. Mnosh Says:

    isme kman mawjood :smile abo 3enen fehen dmoo3:

    happy mother’s day women (H)

    O kman i second Jasim eno lazem ykoon father’s day!

    thx Maioush :hug:

  7. Red Rose Says:

    :) ma 2alazzek Maioush,,to mothers to be…Manal :) this sounds cute..yalla lets say..to the cute mom who is a chef in rice cooking to her kids ………..ladies and gentlemen..we present to you…Maioush :)

  8. bara2 Says:

    yeeeeeeee ana esmi mawjoooooood loooooooooool happy mother day to all of u girls .. lazoze maioush .. 7elwe el7arake :P

  9. Who-sane Says:

    Happy Mothers day to all you wonderful mothers out there! :)

  10. 7aki Fadi Says:

    awwww that’s sooooo sweet :) . Thanks Mai .

  11. afaf Says:

    i know it is kinda late to reply to u now…but i was in the middle of moving and u know the rest, today i just started checking out things and what i missed…logged onto samer’s blog then to urs and summer’s on the way…i was surprised to see my name on mothers day dear…but happy too…thank u dear so much and happy mothers day to all mothers there and urs too….
    thank u so much dear for ur thoughts…so nice…adn hey late better than never….
    takecare all….

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