Code Adam…

Attention all costumers and employees, we have a Code Adam, 3 years old girl, wearing a white shirt, blue jeans, and pink shoes, brown eyes, and her name is Yara…


That would be the worst nightmare any parent can go through ever in their lives, and our nightmare came true today at Walmart.

Fatina and I went to Walmart today to look for some stuff for the house, at some point wo went 2 different ways (we usually do that we she starts looking for either kids stuff or kitchen thingies) , 10 minutes later she called me to ask me if Yara with me or not… I was like “Yara??? No isn’t she with you??”.

Fatina started screaming over the phone “Maaaaaaaaaaai …Yara da3at.. da3at el benet, mesh la2yaha wala makan” .

I didn’t know what to think any more, I started running around the store calling her name, the only thing came to my mind that someone took her and she is maybe out of the store already.. my god .. we lost Yara!!!!!!!!! .. all of a sudden, it hit me right in the head.. can I be more stupid??? I ran as fast as I can to customer service and told the manager that there is a 3 years old girl missing and I’m a afraid that she might go out the store.

The manager took an action right a way and announce a Code Adam, and described Yara as I told him, and he made sure to watch all the gates in case she leaves either by herself, or with someone else other than me or her mom, all the employees started the search as soon as the code was announced.

Those were the LONGEST 15 minutes in my entire life, I told Fatina to look in the bathroom, fitting rooms, and watch the gates, and  I was running from section to another calling her name, I felt my heartbeat was more than 180 I swear to god, I got to a point a couldn’t breath, but instead I started screaming her name louder and louder, all I wanted at that moment is to find her, when I heard the manager calling my name and saying that he found the kid I jumped their within 5 seconds.

Goodness God, Oh My God, YARA.. she was there with one of the ladies, smiling, I hold her and started crying “y3ademni yahom le yahood ya Yara, walek keef fletti mn el 3arabayeh enti? , ya rabbi… el 7amdolla enek mnee7a”

Ops.. Fatina, I have to call her “Fatina, Ta3alli haina hoon”.

Poor Fatina, her face was full of tears, and her face was sooooo pale, she hugged her and sat in the ground and started crying even more.

MY GOD.. that was the worst experience in my entire life… Thank God she was safe and sound.. to be hounest, I’m still shaking till this moment, I can’t feel my knees, and my heartbeat is still high, I can still feel like it will bump out of my chest.

El7amdolla 3ala Kol Shi.. Ejat Saleemeh.

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  1. nido Says:

    loooooool….7amdillah 3a salamitha:))) I know it was hard on you…this just reminded me of myself along with my younger sister…we once lost our parents in jabal hussein, EID NIGHT, and WE were the ones who went to the police man at the traffic light and told him we were lost!! calling baba and mama loudly on the streets was sooo funny…soon your heart beats ya maii will turn into laughs…just give it sometime;)

  2. Summer Says:

    Elhamdulillah 3ala essalameh!!
    it happened once with me, my son was four years old and he was playing hide and seek “alone” and he was hiding from me, i went nuts but it was only for five seconds until i found him…i was so frustrated, i spanked him and went home!!

  3. Red Rose Says:

    7amdilla 3asalametta ..(tal3a mtl toyotta meni) marra bel rawda ro7t 3a beit sa7ebti ba3d ed dawam o ma 3reft arja3 labeiti o 2a3adt 2a3aiyyattt o ana 3aiyaaattt ben ma two nice ladies la2uni o wasaluni 3a beti I remeber them till this moment..o hadak yom o hada yom..meen elli yekser el rules halla :)

  4. Dima Says:

    yeee 7amdilla 3a salamit-ha… getting lost is really hard on both , the one who’s lost and the ones who are worried searching and looking crazily~

    Yara also would always remember this incident i guess :D and as Nido said with time it’ll be something that will make you all laugh…

  5. Bara2 Says:

    ohhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh el7amdeelah 3la salamet Yara al sa3’ere w slamtek w slamet emha ..
    this is soooo bad … to lost someone who doesn’t know anything about the place is KARETHA …
    i asure u … u won’t lose her againe ….
    and relax .. don’t cry or feel so bad becoz it happend, smile :) because it’s over..

  6. Qabbani Says:

    7amdelha 3a salamtha ..

    look to the bright side , u make ur blood HIGH active and am sure u lose some weight …


    yallah next time keep EYE(s) on her …

    bs u know wallah mo maz7a

  7. afaf Says:

    hamdellah 3ala salametha and i know how hard it must have been on her mom and u ofcourse…my son was always like letting go of my hand to go and check out the toys, once i let him watched “home alone” when the kid goes to a different plane other than his family, and he got lost…my son was devistated for the kid, adn since we travelled alot, him nad i, he never let go of my hand again ever, not even at supermarket…he knows what might happen…i feel sorry for him, but better be safe than sorry…good luck with teaching yara same rules…
    inshalla she will never get lost ever egain…haram…

  8. kinziblogs Says:

    Yikes, Mai, it probably took years off your life!! I felt my heart sink! Once I thought I lost Project Boy, we were frantic, yelling all over the neighborhood, and it turns out he was asleep under the bug fluffy duvet on our bed.

  9. hamede Says:

    Al hamdulah 3akla al salameh.dero balkum men al awladf.

  10. Hala Says:

    I know what you are talking about, and it does not feel good. Anyway, el 7amdellah 3ala salamet-ha.

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