Ayman Zbeeb… George Wassof High!!!

Ayman Zbeeb is one of those singers who doesn’t have “the look”, but definitely has the “material” his voice quality is so pure. He is one of the voices that I really enjoy listening to.This is one of his latest songs, and I personally like this song so much, hope you enjoy it :)


On another clip I found for “Abu Wadee3” while shooting the video clip for “Youm EL Wada3”, and I’m telling you, this guy was REALLY high in this clip, damn it!! look at him, his hitting himself with a shoe!!!!!!

3ajayeb ya zaman

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  1. Mnosh Says:

    Ayman Zbeeb 7leewa :(
    hehe lma a7eb 3’onay bd’l asm3ha 24/7 la 7ta asm3 3’erha :D hay el3’onay a3dt 2osboo3 :P

    bkrah abo wadee3 :@

  2. Jumana Says:


    actually, I like that song too..he has a nice voice

  3. Jumana Says:

    …and yes

    I don’t like Wasoof

  4. nido Says:

    Tabeeeb garra7 is the ONLY song I like for Wassouf..other than that…mafi bil marrah:s bas il 7ilo bil mawdoo3 innik fay2a ou raaaay2a Maioush;) good for u!! and me :ppp

  5. Sam Says:

    wassouf should just quit, man his voice is so ugly now! why why do people still listen to him!
    ayman zbeeb is a cutie…what is wrong with u maioush! and that is a cute song…im so downloading it…this the second sond i will have on my mp3 because of u, any more song recommendation?

  6. Maioush Says:

    Ayman Zbeeb is not really 7lewa, but as I said, he has the voice “which Is much better if you ask me” :)
    Don’t hate me, but I like abu wadee3 “old songs though” o kam o’3neyeh jdad..

    I’m glad you like the song too… and yeah abu wadee3 is weird bs walahi betla3 menno :)

    7aram 3aleaki.. wean ra7at
    7elef el amar
    roo7i ya nesma
    el hawa sultan
    enta ‘3erhom
    7abeat ermi el shabak
    sara7a ana ba7eb asma3lo marrrat .. na ba3ref bs abu wadee3 elo wa2to :)
    walahi ya Nido enti aktar wa7deh bte3rafi el 7al.. la fay2a wala ray2a, bs beddi atla3 mn el mood elli ana feeh ..

    Looks I’m the only one who likes wassof here :) … I feel like abu wadee3 sometimes.
    Ayman Zbeeb is cutie?? Looks like we have different taste in guys…, he looks so incent to me.. and to be honest I don’t like “the good guy” image for some reason .. I’m bad eh?
    I don’t like the bad boy but I just like the image is you know what I mean :)
    And about the songs.. fi kteeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeer I’ll email you bunch of them with the link too.. allah y3eenek sho ra7 yewsalek menni songs :D LOOOOOOOOL

  7. Sam Says:

    well! im still waiting..where r the songs?? im so getting bored with the songs i have on my mp3:) o and thank u in advance:)

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