No Eid for ME :(

 It’s Wednesday morning, first day of Eid, I’m suppose to be celebrating with my family, they are ALL off today, they went to Eid prayer earlier, and where am I?? AT WORK!!! I’ve been chatting with my friends in Jordan and they all said it’s boring in Jordan too, bs they also said that they are […]

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**I Miss You**

 I miss your voice Which always spoke so softly in my ear Letting me know you cared about my day. I miss your laughter So quick and unbridled. It warmed the center of my heart. I miss your thoughts That were freely shared At the end of our day. Your name comes to my mind […]

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OH MY GOD PEOPLE… Downtown Disneyland… YUPPY!!!

 I haven’t done this since like forever, today I went out with the girl and I tell ya people; it was amazing!!! :D Menna is leaving us to NY at the end of this month, so we decided to spend the day out to a places we never visited before, and the choices were AMAZING!!! […]

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Half Empty is Optimistic

  The “half empty” means you’re pessimistic analogy has always been a mystery to me. Yeah, I get the analogy, but I think we’re looking at the wrong side of the glass sometimes. Why focus on what’s already in the container when there is so much empty space to fill? The empty space is the […]

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Little HELLO!

 I’ve been away for a while, so what’s up? How are you my friends? Miss walahi, bs I’ve been busy the past few days, it doesn’t mean I wasn’t reading for all of you, cuz I was, I comments whenever I have time Kaman :) So what’s going on? Hope you all are having great […]

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