“unlucky” in love?

NOTE: This post is NOT by Maioush

I used to think I was “unlucky” in love.One man after another broke my heart, no matter how promising the “relationship” was at the beginning.I had so little self-esteem I was practically INVITING men to come into my life who had no intention of making me happy forever. And yet, time after time, I missed all the signals. And then, after years and years of horrible, dead-end, non-committed, always ending painfully non-relationships and getting my heart broken over and over, I finally found the man who became my husband. And I was so happy – for a way too short time.

Before I knew it, the nightmare had started all over again – distance grew between us, he became emotionally cold, I felt disconnected and lonely.

It had never occurred to me that marriage wasn’t the automatic end of the fairy tale, and that from here on out, everything would be bliss.

It never occurred to me that for the next five years I’d go to bed every night and wake up every morning desperate for love advice that would work to save my marriage.

I looked for help from my girlfriends, went to a counselor, had late night discussions and arguments with my husband, cried through the middle of many nights, read every love advice book I could find, and used up every bit of love advice I’d ever heard.

And still I felt lonely, disconnected from my husband, angry and in pain.

It was as though I’d learned nothing from those years of dating Mr. Wrongs.

But then it all changed.

Somehow, I figured out what had gone wrong, and I was able to set it right within weeks.

On the next posts, you’ll find out more about me and how I was able to save my own love life, and learn how to do what it took me years and years of trial-and-error to figure out.

I had no love advice then that worked, and even now, most of the love advice I see and read out there has to do with games and strategies.

And games and strategies NEVER work with men.

Ever since I turned my love life, and then my marriage, around, now I want it to be my mission to help other women (especially the ones I’ve been reading for recently) feel better, stronger, happier, and in the kind of relationship and marriage we all dream about – and DESERVE.

I’ll tell you how to ignore the whole idea of games and strategies and how to get your man, bring him close and make him want to stay forever by simply being yourself.

As easy as that sounds, being yourself is exactly what we were all taught NOT to do our whole lives.

Don’t give up.

If I found a way to get from total misery with a non-existent love life to total married bliss – then YOU can, too.I’ll keep you guys posted to prove to all of you that you can do it :) . 


8 Responses to ““unlucky” in love?”

  1. Nadia Says:

    Waw Maioush … that was just waw… u changed alot since uni girl :)

  2. qwaider Says:

    طلعتي متجوزة من ورانا؟؟؟ اخص بس عالزلم

  3. Maher Says:

    tb when is the next episode?
    and i am happy for whoever that person is :)

  4. Friendayeh Says:

    Nadia: that’s not Maioush.

    Qwaider: No, maioush is not married.

    Maher: i will tell you everything about it, little by little.

  5. mr.anonymous Says:


    sounds to me like those online books for sale,after a tough problem intro..all secrets revealed with the ultimate solutions,$20 buy now and get this along with a bundle of useless pdf files for FREE!

    …or maybe not.

  6. Grey Says:

    Can’t wait for the next post , I am married for almost 6 years now , and i have my own way to fight coldness ( well there is not much these days anymore) … but will wait to read what you have to say .

  7. Tala Says:

    friendayeh, looking forward to reading the next post, thank you for sharing :)

  8. Oriental Arabesque Says:

    that was nice…i’m waiting for the next post :)
    might be a good idea to save them somewhere, i might need them one day

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