“Over a girl”



You know, you see a guy moping around cause he’s heartsick and you think to yourself I’d like to see the woman who did that to him.  And then the next thought is I wish I could do something like that to somebody.  Not purposefully break someone’s heart, but that somebody could look that woeful and that gorgeous and all he’s doing is thinking of me.  Like Leonardo Dicaprio in Romeo & Juliet, wandering around on a beach in a tuxedo jacket, smoking a ciggie, and it’s all over a girl.


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  1. Jumana Says:

    I think that being loved is a bless from God. And loving the person who loves you gives “happiness” its true meaning.

  2. Luai Says:

    Guys do a lot dumb things when heartbroken over girls and vice versa. But then again, both are known to do dumb things to get to that point in the first place.

  3. Qwaider قويدر Says:

    Watch out … here comes the heart breaker!

    Luai said a key thing here … it’s DUMB to be all heart broken over anyone!! ANYONE!

  4. maioush Says:

    Yeah exactly that’s what I meant, that someone would actually love you that much, and that one thinks about you all the time.

    Yeah I know what you mean, but hey, love all about doing all the stupid things that you can’t explain right!!

    Come on man!!! I didn’t mean it that way, I said I don’t really want to break someone’s heart, it’s just the fact that someone loves that much to think about you all the time, and be able to reach to that dumb point out of love… that’s what you do when you love someone .. I never said I want to break someone’s heart 7aram 3aleak, I’m not that bad

  5. Isam Says:

    yeah i get it … the feeling that somone thinks ur the most important thing in the world is very satisfying …

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