You will have 3 kids, 2 boys for sure, and the third one is not really clear, but looks like it will be a girl.

You are taking care of someone you really love; this person means a lot to you. (seriously!!! If I told any of you that, won’t you think of someone???)

You childhood wasn’t the easiest childhood ever, you struggled a lot during your teenage time.

Your love life is not really stable; you don’t know what you want, I see 3 lines in you hand, this is the number of people you will meet before meeting the right one, you will face a lot of challenges until you get what you want, but don’t give up.

You life line is short, I’m sorry to tell you this, but the good news is you will die healthy, you will not go through pain, and you will not need anybody when you grow old. (ah ya ‘3rab el bean, short.. allah ye2ta3 el sa3a elli masaktek feeha eidi ya shee5)

Ladies and Gentlemen… that was our new pharmacist and a new episode of “you luck with Noura”…

Seriously.. I never understood these things, these people say what ever they feel like it, and stupid people start thinking about stuff that is related to what ever they say…

This morning Noura ” one of the pharmacist I work with” insisted to read my hand, I was resisting it like forever, but today and since I moved over to the pharmacy, I couldn’t run away from her, and she was saying all this crap about love and life.. blah blah blah …

If any of you heard those words they will automatically try to connect these information with whatever suits the words she is saying, righ?

Any way… that was one interesting morning at our small pharmacy … stay toon for another episode of “your luck with Noura” :)

See you guys later…

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  1. Sam Says:

    *lol* , i was told once that i’ll have 4 boys…and that a man who loves me like nothing else is on his way to me…well so far i have two boys..let’s pray she was wrong…there is no way i can handle two more boys!

  2. unknown Says:

    DO u mind if she (Noura) read my hand,
    but let me tell u i do not raise any hopes on such things

  3. kinziblogs Says:

    Maioush, I would put more value on the words of the One who created your hand, and imprinted your name on His palm. He knows the number of your days, not this person.

  4. afaf Says:

    if i would go telling how many ppl read my hand for forture telling, i would need so many books, all say same things…over and over again…but one day a friend of mine, indian, read my hand and told me somoething i still remember daily, he said “u will die when u r between 44-45 yrs old, will be married and have one child, a boy!!” ok, till then i totally forgot about his prediction, then my hubby dies excatly 44.5 yrs old and leaves our son behind….now that is a good one….but i keep telling my self he meant my hubby and not me…maybe!! allah only knows…
    enjoy the telling but dont believe in…

  5. Dima Says:

    There was this phase in my life where I used to go to fortune tellers A LOT.. then one day on the way back from a fortune teller visit I had a big accident which was more like a wake up call .. and from the day I didn’t do it again!! It can get to an obsession if not stopped and controlled!.. !

  6. nido Says:

    Some of my friends used to go to such forune tellers,one in particular…somewhere in “bag3a” and they asked me several times to join them, but I never did! The whole things scares me a lot…A japanese guy in Syria once started to read my hand…I was terrified and can’t remember a word he said! Maybe cuz I was too scared to listen!
    Your work sounds like a scary place to be at:ppp be carefull maioush! hehe

  7. bara2 Says:

    they say things w elhabail they believe them .. this is so funny
    they say general things that could happen with anyone .. believeble things .. ya3ne btser m3e w m3ake w hek .. and whenever they occure the stupid people start saying .. i know i’ve benn told about ,, w hek .. hehehehe nice post ya 7elwe keep it up :P

  8. Sel3 Says:

    3ajabni el title, laish el tasha2om ya shai5a?

  9. Who-sane Says:

    I remember there was that fortune teller in el baga3a, Ibtisam was her name. She used to make millions out of the stupidity and desperation of Ammani girls, and every time she was taken to prison, her contacts managed to get her out in no time. Wonder if she’s still doing that.

  10. Maioush Says:

    LOOOOOOOOOOL … 2 other boys .. I can imagine running around with 4 boys around you :D

    Hehehe , you want Noura to read your palm :D ? nobody believes in such things.

    I know exactly what you are talking about, yeah , I don’t believe these things, but I did any way …

    Oh my god. Really?? That’s so weird!!! I’m so sorry to hear that my dear :(
    Well, I guess the guy did mix the luck, god bless you and your son.

    Yeah I know, these things are addictive, 7amdella 3ala el salameh, the thing is I let people read it, but I never believed it, as I said they say whatever, and you start thinking about things to match what they said, it’s the way you tell the story.

    LOOOOOOOOOL my work?? 5aleeha 3ala allah Nodi :)
    The lady you are talking about is “Ibtesam” and yeah, I visited her once, not to read my pal god forbid, but because I was the only one who drives among my friends, so they forced me to drive to “bag3a” LOOOOOOOOOOOOOL I remember her place, it was so spooky!! I hated it

    Ahlan o sahlan ya 7elweh ;)
    Yeah that’s exactly what I’m talking about, be7koolek elli enti bedek tesma3i o elli ay 7ada be2dar enno yfaker feeh, kol wa7ad be edenya bedeerbalo 3ala 7ada, kolo wa7ad bedenya be7eb 7ada, o hakaza :D

    LOOOOOOOOOOOOL , I’m amazed that you know Ibtisam too :D
    I’ve been in her place, didn’t let her to read my luck because it’s 7aram, and yeah she has A LOT of connections :)

  11. mala2e6 Says:

    انا كنت اتحوت على صحباتي و امسك الفنجان و احكي و الحلو كانو يصدقوا

    بس و الله مرة واحد عمرة 22 سنة شاف الفنجان و حكالي اشياء كان مستحيل يعرفها

    اما ابتسام ف هلا كبرت و بطلت متل زمان انا بخا اروح عندها بس اللي راحوا بيقولو بتحكي وشوشة و بسرعة كانة حدا بنقلها شو تحكي

    انا شخصيا كملائط
    (ما حدا يقول طز)

    ما بحب اعرف المستقبل

    سالتيني لييش


    لانه لو بدو يصير اشي حلو بحب اتفاجا فيه

    و لو اشي عاطل ليش انكد على حالي من هلأ؟

  12. afaf Says:

    thank u dear for ur sincere wishes….

  13. admin Says:
  14. Manal Says:

    actually i hate people who do do they think they could know..crap

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