Why I really love being a bloggerette

It’s been always the place to run to, the place to speak up my mind without worrying about people “judging” me (at least not in my face), I say the stuff that I can’t really say to the people I know around me, this place was the only place I can run when I feel like letting it all out.

Now why do I really love this place? Why do I thank god a million times for choosing to blog? why do I love being bloggerette? Why do I truly love my hobby…

I met the most amazing person ever through blogging, he got to know almost everything about me from my writings, and I got to know him and the way he thinks through his writings, our blogs made our relationship together a fun experience :)

Samer is a very well known person as a very active blogger, he is the only one I know who speaks his mind not caring what other might think, he writes what he believes in, I felt it from the very first day I read for him :)

Samer… I believe in destiny, and I truly think that I would’ve met you any way, you are the person that I lived my life waiting for, you are the one who completes me, my soul mate, my hero, my love.

If I used to love blogging shwai, now I love blogging more than anything else, I can’t forget how I used to check on you through your posts just to make sure you are doing OK, to know how are you feeling that day, I kinda knew the times you are “suppose” to write, and how I used to worry a little when you are late at posting, or when you don’t post at all, like habla I would make an excuse to call you to check on you :p

I love it that you are keeping up with the blogs the way you are, there is always something for us to talk about in the blogs, it’s one of the things I really enjoy sharing with you.

This is a little message for you and for anybody else who wonders if our new life will affect your activity on the blogs, well… personally, I hope not, I’m so excited for the fact the you will be blogging while I’m sitting next to you, I got a couple of people who were asking if you will be blogging during our honeymoon.. LOL! Why not, it’s so fun watching you doing what you like, and unlike most of the bloggers, we both share this interest, it will be a very nice thing to do together :)

Almost 3 days to go baby…. Can’t wait to see you .. love you :)

13 Responses to “Why I really love being a bloggerette”

  1. Qwaider قويدر Says:

    I’m the lucky one for finding my soulmate. I’ve tried so hard and the harder I tried the more I failed. Then you came along and made it all worthwhile.

    I’ll see you at this same time tomorrow

  2. chika Says:

    :$ ana esta7eet! allah yekhallekon la ba3ad and I remember one of Sam’s posts on marriage and relations between bloggers and see Samer.. you got it :) walak ana esta7eeet eesh haath :$ lol

  3. Maher Says:

    Aywa! estelmona be el romantic posts hala2! :P JK!

    yel3aan! i am excited for you guys!
    allah ywafe2kom!

  4. vagueraz Says:

    Nice post indeed :) …
    allah y5aleekum la ba3ad ,,

  5. Batoul Says:

    ukhhh here goes the lovey dovey mushy stage LOL
    I love you too Maioushti hahaha :P

  6. Diana Says:

    Love is in the air, yaaay
    again, I wish u all the best guys, ma dal shi, three days and you’ll live happily ever after inshallah :)

  7. sara Says:

    Shine on you guys :)

    May Allah bless your lives & bless others with it.. Amen :)

    Best wishes & dishes,
    & nice showers of flowers,
    to ahla oloob bedooob..

    mwwwwwwwwwwwwah to you maioush <3


  8. hamede Says:

    sweet so sweet.

  9. Osama Romoh Says:

    Lets all have blogs and speak our minds ^_^

  10. vagueraz Says:

    Mbroook zawajkum :) \
    tethannu enshalla :)

  11. Jumana Says:

    alf mabrook Maioush for you and for Samer…I am so happy for you guys..
    Alla ywafe2kon w y7mikon :)

  12. Mnoosh Says:

    O ana zy elhablaaa 2a5er mn y3laam :o
    yel3n eljam3a 3a abo elderaseeh :D

    mabrooook maioush & samer.. jama3a allaho bainakoma bl5air insha’allah :)
    bless you

  13. JUMANA :) Says:


    Keefkooooom walahi its nice nekteb hoon kel she 7elo fe balna .. ana ma 3ndi ref2at kteer inshalla t2baloni rfe2a :) ( plz :( )

    b7eb kel klmeh btekteba maioush .. kel kelmeh ela ma3na kbeeeeer… alah e`7alelna yaki :*
    yala c ya

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