Posting as Mrs.Qwaider… the grass is really greener on the other side

 First allow me to thank everyone for the amazing phone calls, messages, emails, and facebook messages, allah ybarek feekom all, and you guys are amazing :)

So… I’m a married woman now, and not just married, I’m married to Samer Qwaider :D OMG I still wake up and wonder if I’m dreaming, el 7amdolla ya rabbie a million times I can’t be any happier.

Being married to Samer is a blessing from god, I would be lying if I say that I wasn’t scared, I was so scared I mean it’s a HUGE change, I’m gonna be leaving LA, my family and move to Seattle, to live with him, I had no idea what was waiting for me there, bs el 7amdolla, it all turned out great :), he is so patience, understanding, kind, calm, funny, very mature, and at the same time he is crazy in the most wonderful way you can imagine :D , I wakeup in the middle of the night most of time just to look at him while sleeping, and thank god and go back to sleep, I seriously wait for the morning to come just to look at his face when I first wake up in the morning, allah ma ye7remni mennak husbandy :)

As for the wedding details, there will be other posts coming along with details about katb el ktab adventure (and you’ll know why I say adventure ;) ), the day before the wedding, the preparations, and the wedding day I promise :D

As for now, I’m just so happy and I thank god a million times every day for his blessings, el 7amdolla Samer amazing, and being married to him is the most amazing thing ever happened to me el 7amdola, I’ll post more details in the few coming days, I’ve been away for a while and I really miss the blogsphere so bad, I know I have a lot to catch up with, but I’ll try my best inshalla :)

30 Responses to “Posting as Mrs.Qwaider… the grass is really greener on the other side”

  1. Batoul Says:

    Oh, so you are alive missy!
    I’m so happy for you, al7amdella… Another successful story upon one of my friendyat :) inshAllah forever together in peace – Bismillah!

  2. kinziblogs Says:

    “Husbandy”, LOL SHU CUTE! Yahoo for you both!

  3. Za3tar Says:

    You are posting lovey dovey stuff … He is posting lovey dovey stuff …. Eh, It seems there is no more room for us bachelors :-) … I should start a bachelors’ club on this little corner of the blogosphere .. ;-p

    Anyway welcome back, and alf mabrook again.

  4. nido Says:

    Ma azkaaaaaaaaki :D Byitla3 minnik ya darsaneh :p I’m so happy for both of you:D 3o2bal il far7a il KOBRA -aka baby Qwaider :p- hahahaa

  5. Qwaider Says:

    Wallahi, the blessings are all mine :)

    I suddenly discovered how blessed and lucky I am! Thank god!

  6. chika Says:

    6ayyeb el 7amdollelah! enti bath-thetii feni el amal enno fee rejall kwayseen ba2o :p !

    Am kidding!

  7. KJ Says:

    Khlesna from the Mr ejetna el Mrs :P

    Welcome back Mai!

    You need to show us this morning face of his you speak of :P Lazem you provide us with a photo so we can drool and then you get jealous and remove it and he feels more special and you thank us for making your relationship stronger.

    In the meantime I will back up Za3tar :P

  8. Tamara Says:

    Mabrook Maioush : ) you both deserve to be happy !

  9. mayyasi Says:

    Neyalak ya Semer:)

  10. JUMANA :) Says:


    TETHANOOoOoOoOo ya rab


  11. za3tar Says:

    hehe .. i like how Qwaider said that he “suddenly” discovered how lucky he was :-) …. i know what you meant, but it is stool cool to poke some light fun :-)

  12. Maioush Says:

    LOL! Yes I’m still alive :D .. thank you so much tabousheh I miss u so much.

    I’m so sorry I didn’t have to see you in LA, we left couple of days after the wedding, inshalla when you visit next time we’ll see you ;)

    LOOOOOOOOOOOL! You wanna start a club?? I’m sure a lot of people will be happy to join LOL!
    Alah ybarek feek ya rab thank you so much :)

    Hehehehe tab3an betla3 menni, mesh husbandy 7abeebi :D .. as for the el baby, inshalla 3ala 5ear ya rab :)

    Husbandy :) :
    Ya 7abeebi, alah ma ye7remni mennak ya rabbi, life is amazing since I became your wife :)

    LOL! El rjal el kwayseen ktar, bs I’m sure there is no one like Samer ;)

    LOOOOOOOOOOOL! These images are exclusive for me and for me only ;)
    Yalla join Za3tar’s club then :D

    Allah ybarek feeki ya rab, thank you so much dear :)

    Walahi ana elli neyali :)

    Allah yabrek feeeeeeeeeeekiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiii :D :D
    Allah yes3edek thank you so much :D

    Fi nas bet7eb tseed fi el mayeh el 3ekreh LOOOOOOOOOL! ;)

  13. Noura Says:

    Alf mabrook.. Allah yehanikom w yes3edkom w inshallah kil 2yamkon btkoun 7elweh :)

  14. Jano Says:

    AAAAKKKKKKHHHHHHHH sho bede a7ke ana :D now i feel ene sawet eshe good be 7ayate :D allah yhaneekom ya rab :)

    3am batzakar maio el adeemeh ayam el jam3a! ANA ATJAWAZ!! NOWAY SHO BTE7KO!! ANA JOZE RA7 AMAWTO! lool walek ya habouleh ya mrs qwaider ente :D 7ebek kteer o 7ebkom both etdallo haik amameer :) bs tejo 3ala amman lazem tejo 3ende ok? ships o basta ba3zemkom :)

    samer, wallah ur lucky ya zalameh :) jd akhadet set bait men el akher!

    maio, ur lucky kaman , samer is a very loving guy :D

    aimta beseer wa2et el nas yzoorookom? lol

  15. Jerusalem Says:

    Wallah 2lf Mabrouk Maioush and welcome back to blogging :)
    You deserve all the best and inshallah Allah will bring the best of the best to your life :)

  16. LostWithin Says:

    Welcome back girl !
    We missed u ! :D
    yella hurry up with the rest of the posts :D

    PS : the nails look awesome awesome awesome !! I can see why is Qwaider arguing for Wadu2 with nail polish on haha !
    but samer’s hands are kinda … chubby haha !
    :: looks at her nails and hides them behind her back ::

  17. Om El MeeS Says:

    انا لا احبك لما انت عليه‏,‏ وانما لما انا عليه عندما اكون معك‏..‏ انا لا احبك فقط لما صرت اليه‏,‏ ولكن لما صيرتني اليه‏..‏ انا احبك بسبب هذا الذي كان في اعماقي ثم أخرجته انت الي السطح‏

    i think this z wht u wanna say baby Maioush
    u fall in love w ma tsama 3laiki LoooL :P
    mabrOOOOOOOk w ya rabi tet-hani

    best wishes

    Om El MEeeEs

  18. Diana Says:

    how sweeeeet
    Alf alf mabrook Maioush and Qwaider
    wish you all the best ya 7elween :)

  19. Hani Obaid Says:

    Not only is it greener, life expectancy increases with marriage. So you’ll both live longer, happily I hope.

  20. sam Says:

    it is good to see u posting..i hope to hear more from u…and your new life…mabrook to both of u:o)

  21. vagueraz Says:

    Alf mabroook :)
    w allah y5aleekum la ba3ad :) …

    Your words are so NICE …

  22. Gardenia Says:

    Alf mabrook …I felt so happy while reading your post…inshalla beddallo ba2man mabsotin :)

  23. Summer Says:

    Maioush, check this out: – SADIE, SADIE lyrics
    when you wrote : “So… I’m a married woman now” i remembered this song and scene from the movie “Funny Girl” check out info about it here: “!
    Congrats and good to read from you again!

  24. Maher Says:

    Yaaa 7abebe!!!

  25. Dino Says:

    WOW i knew qweider got engaged and i know you maousha but never thought you got married and u were the girl he was blogging about

    ALF MABROOK! i am so happy for you guys! first bloggers i know that got married

    GALF GALF mabrook


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