My trip to Seattle, going home and how my whole life changed

After the wedding we took 3 days off to go places in LA, it was the most wonderful time I spent in LA since I moved in to it, we went to Queen Marry in Long Beach, almost made it to Catalina island, and ate mama’s yummy food, dawali mansaf, mollkhyeh, msakhan and all you can think off, oh god, I miss mama’s food so bad :( (drooling over the thought of dawali right now!!!) …

EL MOHEM!!! The day before we were suppose to fly to Seattle and after feeling so bad for saying my goodbyes to my family, he decided to look for another flights later that day so we can spend the day fi beat ahli, and enjoy one last day with them, and we did :D , we watched the wedding video, look at the pictures, and then we drove to the airport, we were RUGHT ON TIME, a minute late actually when one of the handbags decided not to close all the way so hubby forced it to, and RUN ya Mai o ya Samer to catch the flight or we will on more day in LA (LOL! We looked so funny running in the airport LOL!)

The second the plain left the ground, I started crying like a habla when I saw LA from the window, EH!! I thought I hated LA, bs sob7an allah, my family lives there, for me it’s home, hubby was holding whispering in my ear “everything will be great, I’ll take good care of you 7abeebti, we will visit them soon inshalls” .. Allah ma ye7remni mennak ya rab Samer , everyday with you is a7la mn elli ablo, you are making it really easy on me el 7amdolla, I can’t be more thankful el 7amdolla.

The second I walked in to our house, I felt like home already (I was also thinking what to throw first ;) ), Samer took me for a tour, and guess what, we have the MOST AMAZING VIEW , the whole wall is made if glass, and this of course is the lake view, it’s just breath taking, I set everymorning while drinking my coffee looking at it, and think in my head, I will never get sick of this view, it’s just amazing el 7amdolla :)

As for my married life, it is waaaaaaaaaaaaaay different than my single life, it’s a lot of fun (and work), I’m not really used to the house chores yet, I spend most of the day cleaning and doing stuff in the house, mama keeps saying that I will get faster by time, and what’s taking me 3 hours now, will take an hour or less later, I hope so, the Maioush who used to stay up all night and go to work with full energy is gone, I start dosing by 10:30 these days, even Samer wonders what happened to the old Maioush!! LOL! I discovered that leaving the house and work every day is waaaaaaaaaaaaaay easier than being a house wife, now I know adeash mama btet3ab fi sho’3ol el beat, but hey, I’ll start working soon, estanno 3alai shwai bs :D I hope I’ll be in control between working and taking care of husbandy and the house.

As for now, love you all, miss the blogs kteeeeeeeeeeeeeeeer, bs i’m getting batter shwai sa7!! :)

See ya all later :)

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  1. za3tar Says:

    The First paragraph made me drool over dawali too :-D

    The Third paragraph really made me want to start that singles club ;-p

    The Fifth paragraph reminded me of when i got a cat … sorry this is the closest i ever got to “married life” :-)

    (i only comment on odd numbered paragraphs because that is what cool people do)

  2. Qwaider قويدر Says:

    Welcome home 7ayati :). Ma3lish, things will get easier soon, and I’ll be with you every step of the way to help you through it all

  3. mab3oos Says:

    clean your own damn dishes damn it!

  4. nido Says:

    I told you once il 3omor bikhlas wil shoghol ma bikhlas!! take a break and come online so we can chat zaii zamaaaaaaan :((( Miss u loads ya binit! But I’m happy to know you’re doing good Maioush:)
    Allah yideem il ma7abbeh :D xoxo

    I miss yr mom’s cooking too…so u r not a loooooone :p

  5. Hareega Says:

    Have fun in Seattle!

  6. Batoul Says:

    lol@ za3tar’s. I’m so glad everything is okay. It’s a big step. wilek 10:30!! what the hell happened lool. Have you been cooking? lol *imagines* wooohoo!

  7. Qabbani Says:

    LOOL :D

    You need time :D , okay menshoof , even 2ni Ashook :D

    SOOO 3m betnami now ;) this is good :)

    Yallah wish u luck :)

  8. Oula Says:

    Qwaider law sama7t help the girl.. clean ur bed, dishes, laundry and teeth and leave the 3aroos alone..

    Maioush, mabrook, Seattle could be boring so find a job immediately and let samer stay in the house and clean and never make him dawali.

  9. Qwaider Says:

    I do help! I don’t think she’s complaining that I’m not helping. The problem is that EVEN with my help, there’s still too much work to do! You know, switching taking care of ONE room to a FULL HOUSE.. You’ve been there, you know :)

  10. JUMANA:) Says:

    hehehe,, thats sooooooooooo niceeeeee

    maioushhhhhhhhhhhh i love uuuuuuuuuuuuuu

    `7aleteni badi etzawaj :) OMG!!!!

    leki ethani be kelllll saneh btmro2 3anjaddddd.

    alah e7mekon, o e`7alekon la ba3ad.

    badi etlob mnek talab,sawrelna awal tab`7a bt3mleha plzzzzzzz wana c it :D


  11. hamede Says:

    Alah yehanekum.

  12. Maioush Says:

    LOOOOOOOOOOOOOL cat??? HAHAHAHAHAHA , and oskot I called mama yesterday and asked her to ship me some dawali :D see I wish she was closer.

    7abeebi enta, allah ma ye7remni mennak, inshalla things will get easier as long as I’m with you :)

    Yeeeeeeeee la t2ool heak, he is doing the best he can mashalla 3aleah.

    I miss you too, I really miss chating with you walek, inshalla by the time I’m used to my new life I’ll be back online o ra7 tezha2i menni Kaman :D

    Thanks kteer, I’m having so much fun el 7amdolla :)

    Walek I miss you so much ana, shayfeh shayfeh, 10:30 and I’m gone, and yes I have been cooking, and el 7amdolla he likes it :D ,,, fi 7awades, bs things will get better by time ;)

    Tshok fi sho?? Eh! Yeah 3am banam el 7amdolla, 3o2balak man.

    LOOOL! 7aram walahi he is doing whatever he can, in fact he helps a lot, especially on weekends, and not to mention his amazing food, it’s me who is doing ta3zeel, and he doesn’t really know how to help. So I do it when he is at work :)

    You are helping 7abeebi, bs yeah as you said, from one room to a house, it’s a matter of time till I get used to it :)

    I love you too dear :) you are so cute yalla eza fata7et nefsek 3ala el zawaj momtaz :D bs I doubt ennek tla2i someone like Samer, he one of a kind :)

    Teslam ya rabbi :)

  13. KJ Says:

    He’s not helping in the house chores? tsk tsk tsk!

    I know how you feel Mai. LOL! Except I do the house chores AND work hahahah!

    You will get faster (aka get better detergents and multifunctional mops).

    Worst case scenario do what I do when I have had it: “[name of person] if you don’t [do this thing] then I will not [do this thing]” or opt for my other approach “if one item is added to the house another has to leave!”

    less clutter.

    Samer: she will eventually give you speeches on the oh so many gizmos and the oh so many wires and, worst yet, how the xbox doesn’t match the decor. When this happens consult me :P I can’t write it up conspiracies against her on her blog

  14. KJ Says:

    I remembered something. A way to make him help you out is to envelop everything he owns with your stuff. That way he wouldn’t dare mess it up LOL! Be very firm that you like your things OCD and if he opens his mouth give him The Talk. He will be a puppy. Ignore his puppy eyes. Cook him something and he will say 7ader.

  15. JOMANA :) Says:

    HI MAIOUUUUUUUSH kefeekk habibi??

    ma 3alena mn el 3arees hala2, `7alena bel tabe`7 :D wain el picturssss?????

  16. JUMANA :) Says:


    RAMADAN KARIM, en3ad 3alaekonnnnnnn

    kelkonnn kelkonnn kelkoooooonnnnn YA RAB, INSHALLA RAMADAN EL JAE BEKOON EL BABY MA3KON :P

    yala balshi 7adri el kebi, o wara2 el 3enab (:D)0.YAMI.0.YAMI.0..wlee>> EL 3AMA “malni she ana” ken el 3alam ma btekol `3er be ramadan, bas wala ramadan `3eeeeeeeeeeer SA7?? !! YALA LOV YA. BY :)

  17. kinziblogs Says:

    SHU CUTE! I don’t know what makes me giggle more, the post or the comments!

  18. Maher Says:

    wallahe ene mabsoo6elkom ya jama3a!!
    o ana inshallah jaaay azorkom next summer! :P

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