My Full Moon is here again …

I know that you guys all know about my moon obsession, but today’s post is not about that, it’s about me , yes me, as you all know I’m insomniac for almost 8 years now, I don’t’ sleep at night, and even if I do, I wakeup a million times a night, but for the first time ever, I closed my eyes at 2AM, and I didn’t open them till the sun was up at 7AM, not once, didn’t even felt a thing, without any sleeping pills, NOTHING AT ALL, I just slept!!!

I still can’t believe it, I usually have some days that I sleep for like 10 or 12 hours, but I wakeup like a zillion times to turn or whatever almost every one to 2 hours, but last night was different, I didn’t even open my eyes, I was totally shocked when I saw the sun by the window!! That’s just amazing.

Now what does that has to do with the full moon??? LOL nothing, but I just couldn’t let my full moon pass without mentioning it :)

I feel great :D .. I still can’t believe it !! :D . Enjoy your full moon everybody :D

6 Responses to “My Full Moon is here again …”

  1. miss sea lover Says:

    i had this before, now i sleep, but not like before…i guess i miss good, healthy…reliefing sleep…

  2. Maher Says:

    5 hours is enough for you?
    Oh Dear! if i dont sleep 16 hours a day i would feel frustrating!

  3. afaf Says:

    well, if u r sleeping deprived now, when will u sleep when having a baby, inshalla??? i cannot recall when was my last good nite sleep, since my little guy was born…i wish i could remember…
    mabrouk for the good nite sleep dear, and i call it “slept like a brick”…no offense but here at home we call it like that, cuz u dont move while sleeping out of being tired….
    hey, do they call it full moon, or New moon, my son is driving me nuts about it???
    peace to all…

  4. Jumana Says:

    Mabroook maiuosheh..I am really happy for you. :)

  5. sam Says:

    here is to u sleeping like this more often! i always wakeup few times a night..I hate it! i wish i can just sleep and wakeup in the morning all nice and refreshed! maybe one day!

  6. maioush Says:

    Miss Sea Lover:
    I know how u feel my dear, I’ve been suffering for years now. Allah yhaddi balek .

    Yeah, 5 is more than enough, actually my regular is about 4, and I wakeup every hour, that’s why this is a record for me :)

    I know, once you have kids, there is no more of that sleep any more, I can imagine.
    And the moon.. this is the full moon, the new moon is after 14 days inshalla. I’m really obsessed about it :)

    Thanks dear , u r so sweet :)

    LOOOOOOOOL thanks 7abeebti :) .. u have kids, I guess this is more like a dream for u now :) .. allah y5aleelek yahom ya rab

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