“Me and my growing belly”



This morning I woke up pregnant, it’s not like I wasn’t before, but I’m 18 weeks and I had no belly till this morning, I was almost flat or should I say like someone just ate a good plate of “Mansaf”  AKA very small Karoosh! :)

As I woke up this morning Samer started laughing becuase I was walking  like a “Batta” looks like it doesn’t matter how tall are a woman when it comes to walking funny while pregnant.

The only part I hate about it is that people are starting to touch my belly and making all kinds of weird noises from AWWWWWWW, WOOOOOOOOOOW, YAAAAAAAAAAAAAY, OOOOOOHHHH , to sounds I can’t even describe in writing, so I’ve decided… I”m making a shirt that says “You may NOT touch my belly”!!!

My back pain stared a while ago, and I still can’t find a way to avoid it, sometimes it’s just too much to the point i end up on the floor, I know that walking, and moving around helps, but I have couple of days a week where I work 11 hours shift, and I’m forced to set on a desk, I can’t just wonder around walking, work won’t finish itself on my desk!

These are my updates. hope you all doing fine…

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  1. sam Says:

    there is no way to avoid back pain…do some stretches here and there..but it is part of pregnancy..hopefully u wont get siatic pain…now that is annoying..i loved it when i started looking pregnant…it doesnt really happen until i am 5mo pregnant..before that it is hmmm did she gain weight or is she pregnant…i hate those wanderings…and people touching your tummy is a part of it as well..it is annoying ..but they mean well..i guess…it is all worth it at the end..babies r so darned cute..i can not stop kissing and biting mine he is so yummy…poor little guy!

  2. sozan Says:

    هاد هو الحمل عيوني الله يعينك
    بصراحه انا باقرف من هالستات اللي بيعملوا هيك زي كانهم عمرهم ما شافوا حامل قبل هيك والابلى لما تيجي حماتك وتحط ايدها وتعمل حالها خبيره وتحكي هممممممممممم انت حامل في ولد ان ما خاب ظني والله اعلم وانت بس بدك تحكي لو سمحت شيلي ايدك

  3. afaf Says:

    yeah, i know what u mean, my doctor told me to show off my belly, as if it was his business…
    backpain, u have to live with it, part of joy, later, but raising ur legs on a pillow while sleeping could help…allah ye3eenek, dear.

  4. Om El MEeeEs Says:

    happy new day maioush ,,, u can deal wth ur “karoush” loool
    relax bebe , enjoy these days , its a new experience so just hav fun w etdalaliii loool

    i knw samer gonna kill me :P

  5. KJ Says:

    too many jokes come to my mind right now

  6. JUMANA :) Says:

    ahma she hala2, l2eti L karoosh :D .. asdi el baby????

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