laptops situation

We have a bit of laptops situation at home, when I first came to the house I threw away 3 crashed laptops, husbandy was using their parts to fix other laptops (in case something happens), husbandy is was the type who buys extra extra stuff for everything in case something happens :) “love you baby”

This is what we have right now!! Of course it didn’t help that I brought mine from my parents house, and I have to use the office laptop (I’m not gonna use my own to do their monkey job)

 My new laptop is Samer’s old laptop, latashto cuz it’s sooooo tiny :D LOL!

OH OH OH, and that little white thing in the middle, that’s Tara, she just jumped in there and started posing for me :)



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  1. Qwaider قويدر Says:

    Please please please don’t post a picture of our “remote control” situation or cell phone situation, or desktop computer situation …

  2. za3tar Says:

    HAHAHA … Awesome!! I love how houses of computer geeks are littered with extra equipment. But i have to say, you have an insane amount of laptops for a small household. I mean .. why would you need TWO bathroom computers ? Actually why would you need even one bathroom computer ? :-D

    By the way, i am willing to bet that Qwaider is running some sort of network file server at home to synchronize the files on all those machines … otherwise it will be such a hassle looking for files :-)

  3. Maioush Says:

    Nido’s comment wasn’t showing up so she says:

    Oh My God!! I’ve heard a lot about this “situation” but seeing it for myself made it clearer! This is shocking maioush!! bas a7la ishi il backup bathroom laptop! lol
    If I were you bakibbo kollo

  4. mab3oos Says:

    hey hey hey
    the bathroom one is the most important one.
    Ideas just flow when you are in the “right mood.”!!

  5. Maioush Says:

    LOL! I’ll do those soooooooooon :) too bad I didn’t take pictures for the house before and after the cleaning, 5soooooooosi the kitchen LOL!

    It is an insane amount of laptops for 2 people!! And the 2 bathroom computer HAHAHA Samer gets all his inspiration in the bathroom LOL!
    The servers room!!! Don’t let me start, you don’t want to go there, he has like 9 servers, the room is loud, hot, and I’m not allowed to come near them :S

    I told you, you didn’t see the servers room yet, you’ll have a heart attack!!

    Yeah yeah yeah!! What happened to the days when people used to laptops in the living room!

  6. secratea Says:

    well, it surprising to know one keeps a bathroom laptop, and then to see a backup, bathroom laptop! that’s totally geeeeeky! LOOOOOOL

    I have to admit, i havent seen that much laptops in the same setting, even at school.. in the computer labs, they use desktops!
    you guys gotta be breaking a record! looooool

    btw, so you managed to tiltashiii a laptop from Samer, you go girl! hehehehee

  7. za3tar Says:

    Maioush, Garfan, Qwaider: Ok, i understand that “inspiration” comes in the bathroom .. but these ideas can be buffered in memory until you exit the bathroom .. and even if you need to use a computer in the bathroom .. why do you have two dedicated laptops for that ? why not just take your laptop with you to the bathroom ?

    PS: .. what’s up with this time limit you have on comments :-p

  8. za3tar Says:

    apparently you just supply a different email address and the time limit is circumvented

  9. Jeeej Says:

    I think everyone is mahwoos b2shi… Computers happen to be Qwaider’s thing. Y do women always have to change us?!?!?!? But for real thats a crazy amount of computers :P

  10. Batoul Says:

    heeeeeeee, tayeb sakreehom 3al ma2aleh. in3aja2et lool. I say you leave a shelf in your library to stick laptop in lool and the chargers tag them accordingly/ color code and put them in the cabinet O_O Allah y3een woman lol

  11. Maioush Says:

    Yeah, that is a lot of laptops

    LOL! Walahi mo ana, I don’t do that, it’s Samer we7yat allah, the reason we have 2 is that he replaced some parts for the back up one but the battery is not that good, don’t look at me, I tried to take them out so many times, but eventually I gave up for having them in the bathroom instead of the bedroom, I just hate the voice of “tek tek tek tek” in my head at 3AM!!

    Change??? Do we dare??? LOL!

    Eza enti en3aja2ti mn el soora hada law tshoofi ba2i el beat sho bet2ooli??

  12. vagueraz Says:

    looool maioush :D ,,,
    nice ,, bathroom back up …
    hada beetkum kteer malyaan a’3raad b hay el 7aleh !!! loool…
    eza mn kol shy 8 2eta3 !!!!!! keef btla2oo makan temshoo fe ,,, heheheheheehe

  13. JUMANA :) Says:

    Poor me :(

    3ndi bs 1 lap at home :D sarlo mn 84 :p

    shu mahdome hal taraaaaaa :), BS 3njad mai badkon she kaman 2 laptops 3shan esero 10 :p

  14. Noura Says:

    I don’t mind meet alf computer, its the dog I hate loool

  15. Maioush Says:

    malaayaan ‘3rad, I was suppose to take a picture for the house before and after throwing half of it away!! Didn’t you see Samer’s post about mw throwing most of the house away LOL!

    1 laptop for each person is more than enough sad2eeni, and Tara LOL! Yeah she is cute zay elli 3an jad LOL!

    7aram maskeeneh Tara :)

  16. Jano Says:

    wallah ya Samer ejatak maioush enqaz men el sama :D aw men 3ende lool hehehe

    maioush men yom yomha mratabeh,, ghorfet.ha kteer mrattabeh :D o pink.. innocence is gone!! loool :pPp

    ba3dain 3ajbatne backup lal bathroom laptop hahahaha

  17. Jano Says:

    ba3dain ka2enha khatyarat Tara :D jawzooha bteksabo feeha ajer :pPp

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