Kinzi’s gift that brought tears to my eyes

Love_You_Forever_bookI got it a while back, I was supposed to tell everybody about it, but I got so emotional the only thing I thought about at that time was to send Kinzi an email and thank her personally, I was crying my eyes out, even Samer got a little emotional when he read it, an amazing story, it’s a must read people, for everybody, not just expecting moms and dads. Thank you Kinzi for the amazing gift :)

I was reading yesterday that it’s her 18th anniversary, Happy anniversary Kinzi, I wish Samer and I will be be just like you guys after 18 years together :)
You’re a wonderful person, inside and out, all the prayers you always send  for me, my family, and my dad, a very sensitive person,  I hope I can meet you in person one day :)

Wish you and your family the best always, and thank you again for the wonderful gift, it means a lot to us :)



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  1. kinzi Says:

    SO GLAD YOU LIKED IT!!! I was introduced to it by a dear friend, and a dramatic British friend read it out loud at the baby shower for my oldest. I cried as I rocked them, all four, and read them the story.Now lil Kinz singe it to ME!

    I was so excited I got to be in the US to get a copy for you. I looked through Target at all the cute things and thought,”No, I want to send them “Love You Forever”, so that their kids will sing them the song like mine do”. I carried your address (via Nido) in my wallet next to my passport the whole trip, so I had several chances to think of you. :)

    Love you guys…forever! and I hope to get your way to see you too!

  2. KJ Says:

    Isn’t Kinzi a darling!

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