I hate this mood!

I have this weird feeling for a while now, I’m so sick of everything around, one thought in my head I want to throw EVRYTHING and get new stuff, I want to start with my closet, I can’t stand any of my clothes anymore, I can’t wear any of them, all of a sudden I see them all UGLY!!! I can’t find anything to wear when I go out, just looking at my closet makes me sick, I need more long shirts to cover my growing belly, it’s getting cold now, and I have nothing to wear, my jackets are so short and my sweaters are also short, you can see the elastic part of my pregnancy pants (UGLY), I feel HUGE! Nothing looks goo d on me anymore EFT!

I hate my bed, the mattress is so uncomfortable, it feels like I’m sleeping on a waterbed, I wake up with a back pain every morning, not to mention the numb legs, turning, is becoming harder and harder as time goes by!

O hate my plates, they are BLACK!! I have no clue why would Samer buy black plates, why would anybody eat in black plates?? i really need a new plate set!

I’m telling you, I want to throw everything, at the same time, I’m so lazy to go shopping, my legs hurt for I walk for a long time, beside the fact the my working hours can’t get any crazier, long hours, late meetings, and god knows what else.

It’s this funny mood I’m in these days, I hope it’s going to change soon!!!

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  1. mab3oos Says:

  2. Maioush Says:

    YES, this is how i am these days!!!! mafi 7al wasat, wither laughing until my stomach hurts, or extremely depressed, damn,I wanna have this baby already!!!

  3. Noura Says:

    7abibti, yalla be patient, ra7 el kteer and you are close to your due date. I think it is normal to feel the way you do, they call it here “nesting”. Check this link, it describes what you are going through :

    For now, don’t throw anything. Keep them in bags away from your sight if they are bothering you until Mira is born.Go back and check them and see if they are as ugly as you see them now..Good luck sweety :)

  4. KJ Says:

    I think you should throw Samer out. Here are some reasons:

    – he is responsible for the black plates
    – he is responsible for the bed
    – he is responsible for anything smelly in the house
    – he is responsible for lying to you that you look great in your clothes when you look hideous
    – he is responsible for not carrying you on his back when you are tired so now you cannot shop
    – he is responsible for not helping you throw out stuff many months ago, all of which accumulated when…………..
    – he is responsible for your 9 month ‘hormonal imbalance’

    I say off with him!

  5. Tamara Says:

    Dear Maioush

    These are hormones speaking. be patient we all go through it but there is light at the end of the tunnel I promise.

    In my opinion the best preganancy advise is walk and not only the last month, it helps in so many ways emotional and physical.

    I can’t wait to see pics of baby Mira, she has the same name as my baby :)

  6. nido Says:

    yakhtiii…you sound soo pregnant!! soon inshallah these will only become memories…I’m glad you’re writing your feeling down, because one day you’ll read them, they will make you laugh and -you might not believe this- you will miss them ;)
    no do as Tamara said…GO WALK :D

  7. Summer Says:

    Shop online!
    it will be over in less than 3 months and you will be back to normal :) take it easy.

  8. sozan Says:

    هاي عمايل الهرمونات شو بدنا نساوي الله يعين شو رايك تروحي عند امك هناك الاشياء شكلها بتغير وبتصيري احسن الله يقومك بالسلامه

  9. Maioush Says:

    LOL! I started laughing as I was reading :) I’m on that phase right now, I feel better now that it’s normal LOL!

    Dallak seed bel mayeh el 3ekreh enta LOL!

    OH WOOW!!! Your baby is Mira too??? :D beddek menna “jajeh o kmajeh” if you know what that is :) Allah yes3edek ya amar.

    I am walek :S fekrek ra7 ad7ak??? Ya rab ya shee5a!

    Ya rab Summer ya rab.

    I just came back from my parent’s house like a month ago, it’s not that easy to travel to California every now and then :(

  10. JUMANA :) Says:

    Maioushhhh you need to calm down before you throw the whole house :S :D. i agree with the ladies :) tawli baleek plz!
    laike drink some yansoon ;)

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