I’ve been away for a very long time; I have so many things to share!

I have so many news to share, I’ve been updating my facebook and twitter, so most of you knows most of this already, but for the rest of you, I miss updating my blog.



First of all Ramadan Kareem for everyone, although it’s late, wish you all a happy  Ramadan :)


Second of all, I want to share with all of you that we are having a baby girl :) Mira Qwaider will be joining us in few months ::very excited:: , I haven’t started with my baby registry yet, as I have no idea where to start, what do babies need? What’s more important than what? ::sigh::


Me and Husbandy spent the first few days of Ramadan in California, Samer spent the weekend, and I stayed till the end of the week enjoying mama’s amazing food, she spoiled me way too much, all the food I was craving through my first trimester was there waiting for me, Allah ysallem edeeki ya mama o ma ye7remni mennek yaaaaaa raaaaaab!! :)

Baba just finished his fourth round of chemo therapy, he had no hair left, he looks different, but as he was saying, this will easily grow back, we are praying that this round will be his last before the transplant, pray for him everyone.


The twins grew up mashalla in an amazing way, they found it easy to say my name, they were running around the house calling my name, mashallah they look so cute :)

This is all the news I have, I made it all as short as possible, as they say, ma qall o dall.

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  1. whisper Says:

    Ramadan kareem ya amar 3alena w 3alekom :D

    As I said before Mira is a lovely name, we have a baby girl called Mira in the family and she is soooo cute, I’m sure ur Mira will be so cute just like her mom.
    inshallah bet2omo belsalameh :)

    el7amdllelah 3alsalameh happy that u enjoy ur time with ur family,Inshallah 3ammo beseer b5ear 3an 2areeb,rabna yshafeh w y3afeh ya rab :)

  2. Jumana :) Says:

    Ramadan karim yn3ad 3laiki w 3la jawzek w 3l banooot. w 3la ahleek besalami inchallah.

    mn hla2 im tilling you Maioush im gonna call her marmora =)
    Alf salami 3al baba, we’ll pray for him inchallah for sure.
    ismallah el twins kteeer cute :)

    Umm benesbi la seneet el m7ashii fa y3ni mn el a’7er maiosh no comment 3leha ya waradeeeee mnee7 ma w2e3ti beseneeh w enti btsawriiii :X hehe :P

    y2bosh maioushhhhhhhhhh EM Mira ;)

  3. eNAS Says:

    Ramdaaan Kareem Maioush :)
    Allah e2wmik bil salameh ya rabi :) w start to check Mira’s news
    it is grea name i love it
    and it goes so well with Mai … so Mira Samer Qwaider is the new cutie in her way to the earth :)

    May ALlah bless your daddy and help him ,, Allah yeshfeeh ya rabi

    W se7teeen 3l Akil ,,, Yummi Yummi i am starving now .. bdik et3azbeen ya mai :D alah esami7ik

    btw ,ai :who are those little cute twins?!

  4. sozan Says:

    كل عام وانت بخير وانشاء الله ينعاد على كل الامه الاسلاميه بالخير والسلامه

    مبروك مسبقا على البنوته الحلوة البنات احلى بدايه لانهم مش غلباويين متل الاولاد:) الله يقومك بالسلامه
    الاحتياجات كتيره بلشي بالشغلات الكبيره متل السرير واحتياجاته
    الله يقيمه بالسلامه وان شاء الله بيعينه على كل المرض ويقويه

  5. kinzi Says:

    Thx for the update! Our Lil Kinz was almost Mira!!! Love that name. A little girl, SO SWEET!

    Been waiting for a report on your dad, praise God he is ok after 4 chemos. Will continue to pray for his body to heal and strengthen before the transplant.

    I am sure you learned more about cancer and chemo than you ever wanted to know, as you see it’s ravages in your dad. May God give you comfort and peace as you walk this road.

  6. afaf Says:

    inshalla allah will be with ur dad and he can come through this for good, i will pray for him, inshalla!!
    ramadan mubarak to u too, and inshalla Mira will be joining ur little family safely, in few weeks, i am so excited for u, guys!!
    as for baby needs , once u start baby registery, it will tell u what u really need for baby to come…so easy…but hey, let me know about it, plz…ok??
    mabrouk, salaf…

  7. Hala Says:

    Ramadan Kareem to both of you and Alf Mabrook :)

    The Ma7ashi look great, I am drooling lol. You reminded me of my mom. I will be seeing her in December and I cannot wait. Wallah we are nothing without them, no matter how old we grow they still spoil us.

    May God be with your dad and I hope he gets better. Have faith.

  8. Om El MEeeEs Says:

    Mayoosh ,, kol Saneh w enty b 5air & nxt year we gonna say the same for “Mera” insha2Allah twsal bel salameh loool
    nice news & may Allah gives u more hunny


  9. JUMANA :) Says:

    shu haaaaad lesa eseneeh mlyani :p LooooooL

  10. sam Says:

    mabrook on your girl….will u used samer as a middle name?? did i ask you this before?? i always thought that i would be silly if we used rami as a middle name for a girl…but my hubby is so against doing the middle name thing like they do here…but my delimma did not last long..since i had all boys LOL…
    inshallah your dad will be all better soon..i spent few days at sick kids hospital few weeks ago and OMG it is so sad to see all those bald little kids…so heart breaking!! :'(

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