Happy Father’s Day Samer

Samer & Mira

Dear Samer,

I’d like to say thanks.

Thanks for being a great husband, dad and all around great foot warmer.

I married you nearly 5 years ago for your humor and you BIG heart.

The laughter and the good times have been worth it. And I’d do it all over again.

Thanks for doing the laundry. Thanks for taking out the garbage cans. Thanks for putting kids to bed after an exhausting day for me. Thanks for all the evenings when you took one look at the messed up house and said: “it’s just another crazy day J” thanks for allowing me to chase my own crazy dreams.

When you’re not around I miss all those big and small things you do all the time. (But we both know I miss having someone to warm my feet at night the most of all!)

Especially thanks for going off to work day in and day out, the kids and I appreciate that you bring home the bread and butter and keep on doing it with a smile year after year.

For the past four and half years, I’ve seen you grow and learn and thrive as a father. I’ve seen our kids grow and learn and thrive with you as their father.

You’re their hero. They watch that you do, learn from everything that you do, and want to do everything that you do. You are and will continue to be, a big player in their self-esteem. You’re teaching them to be confident, self- assured, and proud.

The kindness you show to other people rubs off on them. They see you help others and give generously. You’re teaching them compassion and respect, manners and appreciation.

Your humor is a staple in our lives; how quiet out house would be without laughter! They expect tickles with your hugs and whiskers with your kisses. You’re teaching them to smile, to find joy, and to feel happiness.

The father/daughter relationship and father/son relationship are both unique. One is not better or worse, more or less, stronger or weaker than the other. But they are different. You are providing both of them with what they need. You’re teaching them to love and be loved.

Happy Father’s Day!

Your beloved wife,


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  1. Kinan Jarjous Says:

    awwwwwwww :) bless your hearts! Miss you guys!

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