365 days of loving you

Happily married for 1 year al Hamdoulla

This post is dedicated to my love, soul mate,and husband Samer :) I love you so much Battouti…

365 reasons Why I really love you Husbandy

365 days I’ve been married to you and every day I would find a reason to love you even more….

1. I can be myself when I am with you.

2. Your idea of romance is just the two of us.

3. Because you make me feel like, like, like I have never felt before.

4. I can tell you anything, and you won’t be shocked.

5. Your undying faith is what keeps the flame out of love alive.

6. You and me together, we can make magic.

7. The fact that there is nobody else in the world like you and nobody will ever come close.

8. We’re a perfect match.

9. Thinking of you fills me with a wonderful feeling.

10. Your love gives me the feeling that the best is still ahead.

11. You never give up on me, and that’s what keeps me going.

12. You are simply irresistible.

13. I love you because you bring the best out of me.

14. Your terrific sense of humor.

15. Every time I look at you, my heart misses a beat.

16. You’re the one who holds the key to my heart.

17. You always say what I need to hear (You are perfect).

18. You have taught me the true meaning of love.

19. Love is, what you mean to me – and you mean everything.

20. You are my theme for a dream.

21. I have had the time of my life and I owe it all to you.

22. When I look into your eyes, I can see your heart.

23. Your love for me is a natural anti-depressant.

24. I love to hear your voice.

25. Your love has helped me to rediscover myself.

26. Your love is an effective anti-dote to despair.

27. I love to wake up with you by my side…It makes my days better.

28. You always make me feel that you are by my side no matter what.

29. I love that feeling of being secure when you wrap your arms around me.

30. I love the way you keep your cool when I do something stupid.

31. Just being with you feels like I can defy the whole world.

32. You never ended a phone call without telling me you love me.

33. I like your small gestures that speak volumes about how much you care.

34. I love the way you treasure the gifts that I gave you.

35. I love the way you patch up with me after a tumultuous fight.

36. The way you stand by my side.

37. The times you make sure nothing will harm me.

38. How you always find a new way to “WoW” me.

39. When I’m sad, you take the pain away with a joke.

40. How you always look deep into my eyes.

41. How you can make my heart melt with your soft lips.

42. The way you hold my hand so tight.

43. The way you never let my hands go.

44. How you always watch out for me.

45. They way you make sure I have everything I need.

46. How you always know what to say when I get mad at you.

47. When you do me amazing things out of the blue.

48. How you say the cutest things over and over and never gets old.

49. The way you play with my hair when I’m falling asleep.

50. The way you stare at me as if I am the most beautiful girl in the world!

51. The times when you where determined for me not to be mad at you anymore.

52. The way you look when I get all dressed up.

53. The smile you give after I’m done holding you.

54. The way you tell me you love me.

55. The way you’re not embarrassed to say or do anything in front of me.

56. How you can just defend me and not be scared.

57. How you are genuinely concern about my happiness.

58. The way you really care that I love what I do.

59. The way you manage to make me smile when I’m down.

60. The way you walk when you get sad!!

61. The look you make when you get jealous.

62. When I’m feeling the worst, you make me feel the happiest.

63. The way you sing.

64. The way you cook the most amazing food in the world.

65. The way you concentrate when you drive.

66. How you always finish my sentences.

67. How you’re the only one who thinks I’m NOT weird.

68. How you’re the only one who gets my joke… and laughs.

69. The way we play stupid games, but you play anyways.

70. How I can never hate you.

71. How you love me like no other.

72. The way you touch me as if I might break.

73. How you tell me geeky stuff that have no meaning to me, but you know I’ll listen anyway.

74. How you listen to me talk for hours.

75. How you go out of your way to turn my gloomy day around.

76. How you manage to take me date nights in the middle of the week.

77. How we share the same interests.

78. The way you have so many dreams and goals for our life.

79. You have sense of honor and try to do “what’s right”.

80. You have kindness for animals that I love and admire.

81. You don’t laugh at my random ideas and strange thoughts.

82. You’ll give me your dinner when we go out if I like better.

83. You support me in everything I do.

84. How you forgive me when I do wrong.

85. How you hardly ever get mad at me.

86. The way you look after I say I love you.

87. How times it seems like we’re the only ones here.

88. The way you’re not embarrassed to call me sweet things in front of anyone.

89. How you do the grocery shopping and buy me some candy on the way.

90. The way you call me every minute.

91. The way you always find a way to see me or talk to me.

92. How you put ME before everybody else.

93. How you warm up my side of the bed when you go to bed before me.

94. How you would do anything I say just to make me happy.

95. The way you get my attention.

96. The way I turn you on, without me doing anything.

97. How you can just speak your mind.

98. How you’re not afraid to tell me your feelings.

99. How you can cry in front of me without being shy or embarrassed.

100. How you can diss movies to just stay home with me all night.

101.How we used to talk on the phone all night.

102. How we both get along so well.

103. The way you encourage me to do things I thought I can never do.

104. The way we’re so much alike!!

105. How you make me feel when I think I’m nothing.

106. The way you inspire me with your thoughts and emotions!!!!

107. You make me feel smart, even though you are far smarter.

108. You love my brothers.

109. You do your share of housework and more.

110.You cuddle with me every morning through many a “snooze.”

111. You’re so cute and make the most precious faces when you don’t know I’m watching.

112. You never raise your voice, even if you’re mad at me.

113. You’re always striving to learn something new.

114. You inspire others to make marriage the best it can be.

115. You’re so committed to making our marriage the best it can be.

116. You love cartoons.

117. You think I’m beautiful even when I’m not trying to be.

118.You watch movies you don’t like just because I do.

119. You are my biggest fun.

120. You love taking care of your family.

121. You’ll share thing with me when I know you want your own stuff.

122.You give the best hugs

123.You really understand my crazy working hours.

124.You take the best photographs ever.

125.There is not a selfish bone in your body.

126.You love and respect your mom and my mom as well.

127.You like to grill.

128. You make me laugh really hard with your Indian accent.

129.You take care of me when I’m sick.

130. You proposed to me on my birthday.

131. My dad loves you.

132.You love to play X-Box.

133.You go shopping with me.

134.Your smile brightness my day.

135.You are really hard worker.

136.You are not afraid to put me in my place.

137.You are good provider.

138. You have the biggest heart of anyone I know.

139.You are the most generous person I’ve ever met.

140. Your eyes smile.

141. You never give up.

142.You are tender.

143.You are passionate.

144.You love to laugh.

145.You love to learn.

146.You have a humble and teachable spirit.

147.You watch House, and food network with me.

148. You don’t steal the covers :).

149.You don’t get mad when I do.

150. You just want to make me feel special.

151. You make me feel more loved than I ever have in my life.

152.You are dedicated to family.

153.You have an adventures spirit.

154.You can keep a secret.

155.You are all about marking the special moments.

156.You buy me my favorite candy when you see it.

157.You’ll fall asleep on the couch but deny you did it till the end.

158. You weren’t afraid to make a scary career move because it was good for us.

159.You are the bravest man I know.

160. Did I mention you are hot??

161. You love mansaf .

162.M family is important to you.

163.You bring food to my office whenever you know that I’m hungry,

164.You think I look perfect the way I am.

165.You respect me.

166.You respect other people.

167.You help anyone in need.

168. You teach me to have more fun.

169.You teach me to be more generous.

170. You make life more enjoyable

171. You know every actor and director of every movie out there.

172.You wake up early on Sunday just to be with me.

173.Your expressions at our wedding, I’ll never forget.

174.Your gentleness.

175.The way you dance.

176.The way you call me just to tell me you love me and you are thinking of me.

177.The look on your eyes when we saw the baby on the ultrasound for the first time.

178. The way you give of yourself every day.

179.I love you because of who you are, not what you can do, just for who.

180. Your loyalty to me and everyone or everything that matters to you.

181.Your compassion for everyone around you.

182. Your selflessness.

183. Your integrity.

184. Your strength.

185. Your devotion.

186. You love to eat anything I cook.

187. You pray.

188. You’re extremely consistent.

189. You help me to be consistent.

190. You encourage me not to out of control when I feel emotional.

191. You pick up the slack when I am sick with pregnancy, because you want to help.

192.You lead us fearlessly, and take the burden on your shoulders.

193.How you want to be with us (me and the coming baby).

194.How you are always 100% honest no matter what.

195.Your kindness.

196.How you always stand up for what you believe in.

197.Your confidence.

198. The way that you always look for and find the positive in everything.

199.Your optimism.

200. The fact that you know exactly where you are going in life and will do whatever it takes to get there.

201. Your courage even in the face of adversity.

202. The look in your eyes when we first met in LA.

203. The way you come behind me and put your arms behind my waist.

204. How you are always understanding with me even when I don’t deserve it.

205. The fact that you refuse to ever completely grow up.

206. Your crazy voices, sounds, and imitations.

207. How you always help me when I need or ask you to and sometimes even when I don’t ask.

208. The way you make sure to be with me in every visit to check on Bambino.

209. The way you liven up a room just by being in it.

210. How much you’ve taught me about life and myself.

211. Your intelligence.

212.The fact that you are good at fixing things or putting things together by hand.

213.Your zest for life.

214.Your excellent people skills.

215.Your amazing voice.

216.Your awesome hair.

217.Your craziness.

218. Your incredible hazel eyes.

219.Your chubby cheeks.

220. Your strong hands.

221.Your love of life.

222. Your uncompromising belief in God, family, and country.

223. The fact that you would make the best father anyone could ever ask for or hope to have.

224. The way you walk.

225. The way you talk.

226. Your wackiness.

227. Your amazing knowledge about everything.

228. How you are always good at everything.

229. You mean the world to me.

230. The annoying fact that you are right 90+% of the time :).

231.The amazing new experiences that I’ve shared for the first time with you and only you.

232. The way you make me feel about myself.

233. How you always tell me and show me everyday how much you love me.

234. How you sometimes give up things you’ve wanted just for my benefit.

235. The fact that you were willing to take a chance on me.

236. The way you always encourage and believe in me.

237. Your faithfulness.

238. Your true sense of honor.

239. The fact that you know how to be a real man.

240. The sweet gifts you’ve given to me.

241.The heart-touching things you’ve written for me.

242. The way you’ve opened up your heart and life to me.

243. The fact that I learn new amazing things about you every day.

244. The way you look at me that makes me melt inside.

245. The love you’ve always shown me.

246. The way you always say awesome things about me to other people.

247. How much excitement you bring into my life every day.

248. How you always bring out the best in me.

249. How you never take life for granted.

250. The fact that you are as much of a dreamer as me.

251.The fact that you are without a doubt my true soul mate.

252. The way that you know how to not take life too seriously and live for the moment.

253. The fact that you are the first and only person I’ve ever loved and the first person who ever truly loved me.


254. How you’re not afraid to be a risk-taker.

255. Your incredible big heart.

256. You’re always willing to eat where I want, so unselfish.

257. You handle the yuckies in our house (Tara’s stuff, bugs)

258. When money is not the issue, you’re a true romantic.

259. At times you’re a big kid.

260. How you never comment on my look after pregnancy.

261.How you see us as a team.

262. You value my opinion.

263. You don’t pressure me about the house.

264. Your willingness to sacrifice.

265. You will grow from mistakes (I adore this about you).

266. The fact that you always want to buy me things that I really want.

267. You always come to me and my side of the bed.

268. The way that you don’t remember my faults.

269. You try hard not to blame me.

270. You want to protect us.

271.Your willingness to look at things from another point of view.

272. The way you call me with cute nick names.

273. That you don’t need very much.

274. That we take road trips you like to talk with me.

275. The ability to talk to so many different types of people.

276. If you could you would buy me the moon.

277. How you always know what to say and how to say it in any situation.

278. How you always open doors for me, help me with the groceries, and take the garbage out for me.

279. The fact that I know you will be one of the most successful men in the world someday because no one deserves it more than you.

280. The amazing way you always seem to be able to read my mind.

281. How we always still say or do the exact same thing at the same time.

282. Your extreme patience with me even when I push it to the limit sometimes.

283. Your charm and charisma.

284. Your wit and wisdom.

285. How you always comfort me or give me a shoulder to cry on when I need it.

286. The extraordinary amazing things that always happen to us that never happen to anyone else.

287. The fact that I know you are my real true soul mate and we were destined to be together.

288. How awesome you have been to my mom and dad and how they all love you so much too.

289. How cute and adorable you can be.

290. The way you get grumpy when you’re really hungry.

291.The way you’re able to change his rotten attitude on a moment’s notice.

292. The way your eyes sparkle when you smile- it is absolutely adorable.

293. The way you get fussy in your sleep if I roll away from you.

294. Your dedication to this relationship.

295. The way you always open the car door for me.

296. How you always say I love both of you (me and Bambino in my tummy).

297. You make all my wishes come true.

298. You’re the one I dreamed of every night of my life and the one I think about each day.

299. You have the ability to overcome adversity and rise above it.

300. We can talk without speaking.

301. You will be a wonderful Father.

302. You’re a good listener.

303. Forehead kisses.

304. The fact that you brush your teeth in the shower.

305. The way my body completely shivers when you touch me.

306. The way you constantly interrupt me (I’ve never met a man that talks more than I do…which is good- I need to shut the hell up every once in a while) :) .

307. The way you call me baby.

308. You do the laundry.

309. You take care of yourself.

310. You’re always nicely dressed when we go out.

311. You’re low maintenance and high maintenance all at the same time.

312.You ask me questions, and you want to know my answer.

313.Your passion for reading.

314.You make our relationship equal, I never feel like I’m a second class citizen…

315.I like the way you want to spend time with just me.

316.You let me know when you’re angry- though you aren’t always good at communicating it, I can definitely tell you’re mad.

317.You appreciate the things I do for you.

318. The fact that your simple.

319.You’re such a loyal and devoted friend.

320. The grey hairs …VERY HOT.

321.You smell amazing…always…

322. Your movie collection includes all those geeky ones.

323. Your passion about your job.

324. The fact that you’re dedicated in all that you do.

325. You want your independence…and want to give me mine.

326. The way you had a room in the house that looks like a 14 year old lives in it.

327. The way you look in a hat.

328. The way you can randomly quote movies.

329. The way you wake me up every morning.

330. There is no mountain too high for you to climb.

331.You follow me anywhere, even into a girls bathroom to make sure I am alright.

332. I never have to ask you “do you love me” you make me know it every day.

333. You may not be able to direct my wind…but he always knows when to adjust my sails.

334. You love me without make-up.

335. You live everyday as if it is his last on earth…to the fullest.

336. Your determination and conviction and how once you set your mind on something that nobody can change it.

337. Your incredible dreams and visions for our future that will come true.

338. How much you know about me now and that you’ve seen both my good sides and bad and that you still love me anyway.

339. How much I know you love your mom and dad, and how much I admire you for that.

340. You’re a wonderful teacher of life.

341.I love the way you say my name.

342. God create you just foe me.

343. I love that you’re not perfect.

344. I love laying my head on your chest and feel your heart beat.

345. I love listening to your stories of life.

346. I still get butterflies when you kiss me.

347. You know the words to ever romantic song ever written.

348. The way you stand beside me and not in front of me.

349. Because you look at me when you think I am not looking.

350. You’re not embarrassed to buy me “girlie things” at the store.

351.You’re an incredible writer.

352. I love the way you act like a geek.

353. You’re a computer genius.

354. I love the way you play Oud.

355. I love the way you try to explain deep programming to me when I really don’t understand.

356. You’re a good driver.

357. We can glance at each other from across the room and know what each other is thinking.

358. I love to watch you sleep.

359. I love that you demand respect but aren’t controlling.

360. I love it when you whisper “Ba7ebbek” in my ear.

361.When I am grumpy, you still love me.

362. Every little single detail about you that makes you who you are and the fact that you are the best husband in the whole world.

363. Because I love you, and every time I’m with you, I fall and little more in love with you and realize how very lucky I am.

364. And, of-course, your intelligence, ’cause you were smart enough to fall in love with me ;).

365. I love knowing that if I died today….I will see you again in Heaven my darling, and my life was better because of loving you.

Bonus Reason 366. The fact that this list was so easy to write, but also so hard because I had to limit it to just 365 reasons when I can think of at least a million plus reasons why I love you and why I am the luckiest woman in the world. Happy First anniversary!!!! I’m sorry that I couldn’t afford nearly as much as you deserve this anniversary, but I wanted to write this list for you to give you just a little glimpse of how much love is in my heart for you and how much you mean to me and maybe do something that no one else has ever done for you before. I love you with all of my heart.


Your loving wife forever,


20 Responses to “HAPPY 1st ANNIVERSARY HABEEBI :)”

  1. za3tar Says:

    awwh … i am ruining it by commenting first :-)

  2. Maioush Says:

    LOL! Allah ybarek feek hehehe

  3. KJ Says:

    You only mentioned the bed twice, so thats 0.54% of his ego :P

    Bonus 367 – he’s the only one who will read all of this ;)

  4. Maioush Says:

    bed is none of ur business aslan :) , this is a public list, ma a7lani o ana a5abes!!
    Bonus 368 – he already did last night ;)

  5. JUMANA :) Says:

    Maioush Alf mabrook :)
    inchallah bt3eshu el 3mr sawa ya rab.. m3 el sbyan wl banat ;)

    w tsero sedo w teta :D

  6. hamede Says:


  7. kinzi Says:

    Sooo, sooo sweet. Mabruuk, mabruuk!

    (Hey, did you like the mag article from last year? I just ran across it and wondered)

  8. Maioush Says:

    Allah yes3edek, thank you dear :)

    Allah ybarek feek ya rab.

    Allah ybarek feeki thank you :) , I LOVED the article, I wanted to blog about it badly :p

  9. Qwaider قويدر Says:

    There are no words in the world that can describe what I feel for you my love. You’re the best thing that ever happened to me, and you continue to be so amazing.
    Thank god for you… You gave my life meaning, taste and purpose…
    Thank you for a wonderful year of you

  10. JUMANA :) Says:

    ista7at maioushhhhhh hala2 `7doda saro 7omooooor :”>

    y2brni el nashatt maioush ;) hek bdna yaki daymn :)

  11. Maioush Says:

    Thank you for the wonderful year honey, you’re everything i dreamed of and more, inshalla ya rabbi el 3omor kollo sawa 7abeebi :)

    leash el 7aki walahi esta7eat ::shy:: :)

  12. whisper Says:

    2alf 2alf mabrook w 3o2bal el 100 saneh ya rab

    Happy anniversary ya amar

    inshallah all ur life together to be full with happiness ,wonderful time and sweet memories

  13. Dreamy Villager Says:

    That was/is really sweet …Allah yhaneeko 6ool el3omor :)

  14. Maioush Says:

    Allah ybarek feeki ya rab ya amar, weanaek enti, twitter hadyan kteer hal ayam bedoonek! :)

    Dreamy Villager:
    Allah yes3edek teslami ya amar :)

  15. Mnoosh Says:

    allah y5lekom la b3d’ la 6ol el3omor o kol sene o ento a7la wife & husband :)

    msh msad2a eni 2ret 365 jomlet 7oob :D:D

  16. Mohammad B. Irshid Says:

    ya raito alf alf alf mabrok enshallah o 3o2bal el 999999999 years …
    so cute :)

  17. Mayyasi Says:

    loool :) happy anniversary 4 give i read only the 1st 10 reasons and they were more than enough for me:D

    My God keeps ur happiness and love for ever:-)

  18. Jano Says:

    8. We’re a perfect match. (e7em e7em) lol

    hey write a mini book of these things..

    allah ykhaleekom la ba3ad ya rab o 3o2bal manshoof burpi bel salameh :)

  19. Om El MEeeEs Says:

    365 no commmmmment :)))))

  20. loolt Says:

    am impressed! Mabrook! :)

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