Bedddiiii la7meeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeehhhhh!!!

That’s what I’ve been telling husbandy for the past 4 days, I’ve been craving la7meh like crazy, I’ve been cooking chicken and fish to the point that I missed la7meh so bad, and every time we decide to go and get some la7meh, we get always end up eating something else LOL!

We were planning to go and eat la7meh on Saturday, but without planning we ended up having the most amazing picnic ever, it was just amazing :)

So yesterday, we decided to eat la7meh, husbandy was telling me not to have breakfast and to starve myself cuz he has a surprise for me, well I told him that I’m scary when I’m hungry but he didn’t listen LOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOL!!!

So he took me to this Brazilian restaurant called Ipanema, and yabayeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee they have the most delicious beef EVER, seriously, the filet mignon, and sirloin steak are just out of this world… I kept on eating till we had what husbandy call la7metezim LOOOOOOOOOOL.

Not to the other amazing thing they have, fried banana and grilled pineapple with cinnamon, ya waradiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiii you should see us waiting for the pineapple guy hehehehe, it was our first time trying it, and we both went crazy for it I never imagined that I would like to eat grilled pineapple, but seriously guys, it’s just soooooooooooooooooooooooooooo delicious, and not to mention that we ordered more fried banana, i told you, I’m scary when I’m hungry hehehehehe :D

Now that Brazilian grill is my number 1 restaurant in Seattle, who ever visit us, it will be the first place to take them to, who said that the space needle is the first thing you should see in Seattle?? LOOOOOOOOL!!

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  1. JOMANA :) Says:


    I ll be there tomorrow morning maioush, omg, yala guys meen ra7 eji ma3i :).. em L MESH `7atera bas tjo3i, ( da`7eloo ana):p .. ba2ol lei fay2a LATE :D

    lek sa7teen 3ala albek habibi mwa mwa (balash l w7am) <<<< :s

    yala c ya

  2. Batoul Says:

    loool inshAllah sa7a wo hana to both of you.
    For some odd reason, I really don’t like cooking my fruits, frying nor grilling. They have to be fresh and juicy.

  3. Qwaider قويدر Says:

    Sa7tain 3ala Albek
    I just wish we had all our friends with us. We just had to remember them while eating for some reason! We kept thinking, Flan would love this, 3illan will enjoy that!

    But seriously, it was yummy! :) I know how to pick restaurants … don’t you think?
    Oh I sent you few pix for Ipanema from 2005, one shows the pineapple :) Enjoy

  4. Summer Says:

    khalas i am reserving my ticket to come visit you guys so you can take me to that meat place! :)

  5. LostWithin Says:

    Reto sa7a w hana !
    ana I have a thing for pinapples with Pizza so I can imagine them cooked and grilled hehe
    bs Qwaider , t3a la hon … hek bt5ale el bent bedha la7meh la daraget enha she had a ” ya waradiiii ” in her post ! this is a daleel enu she was really ju3aneh , no lady ever says that unless she’s like totally hungrye hehe jk ;)

  6. Maioush Says:

    Teslami ya rab thank you so much dear :)

    Lek weanek enti ya benti??? How come I never see you online?? I’ll be calling you bokra lashoof sho a5barek, ma 7keena since I got married e5s 3aleaki :)

    Husbandy 7abeebi:
    7abeebi enta, I know walahi ya baby, inshalla when they all come we’ll take them there, I’m worried about taking Basil there though LOL!
    It was so yummy walahi ya 3omri yeslamo edeek ya rabbi :) and saw the pictures, beddi ananaseeeeeeeeeeeeeh!!! :D

    Ya meet ahla o sahla betnawreeeeeeeeenaaaaaaaaaaaa :D :D :D

    Lost Within:
    Walahi ya benti it’s so good, they added cinnamon to it, so it’s just an amazing desert walahi, and LOOOOOOOOOOOOOOL!!! Enno mo mjawe3ni, but that place you REALLY have to be hungry when you go there, cuz 3an jad it’s so worth it walahi :D

  7. KJ Says:

    Brazilian food is awesome :)

    BTW after 329823098763287426 posts from you and Samer about you two getting married I guess you don’t have to link to him :P We got the point LOL

  8. Gemini Girl Says:

    sa7teen elmohem wa a5eran akaltee la7meh jawa3tenee

  9. mala2e6 Says:

    انا كتير طولت الغيبة
    ليكون شو اسمو؟
    بلاش ما خصني انا
    قويدر!! هيك؟
    مش وصيناك عالبنتانا اجي اركض على صوتها و هية بتقول بدي لحمة؟
    طب ليكون شو اسمو

    يالله ابقوا خبرونا

    صحتين على قلوبكم
    عقبال ما يكون جنبكم عالهاي تشير كوكو جونيور بياكل لحمة

    بس جد جد ليكون؟

  10. Maioush Says:

    LOL! Ma3lesh bel e3aadah efaadah :)

    Gemini Girl:
    3ala albek ya rab :D

    LOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOL! La2 mesh sho esmo wala eshi, that’s just me hungry :D allah yestor lamma yseer sho esmo mezaneyet Samer te5rab LOL!

  11. Maher Says:

    sa7teeeeen sa7teeen!!
    jahzole list of places 3ashan ta’7done 3aleeha bas aje :P

  12. hareega Says:

    you should try argentinian beef before sayin the brazilian one is the best

  13. Hani Obaid Says:

    Sa7teyn ya akalet il-lo7oom!

    I always order fried bananas when I go for Chinese food, didn’t realize they’re popular in Brazil too.

  14. Wasim Says:

    Aish M3alem Qwider, ma tf2na hayk allah yrda 3alyk tgoe3lna el bent had mosh 7ake, sho enta mfake ma elha 2hel ys2lo 3anha, allah yrda 3alyk, eshtry la7meh o jaj o ma tkhaleh t3taz eshe.

  15. secratea Says:

    So, no happy Ramadan post from you??!!
    Maioushhhhhhhhh… Ramadan Kareem to you :-)

    Yalla dude, come back to regular blogging..I just miss your updates!

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