Bambeeno, what are you doing to me?

As you all know from Samer’s blog I’m pregnant, I was extremely happy the first 4 weeks as I felt nothing, I really thought that I’m gonna have the easiest pregnancy ever, but as I entered my 5th week, things has been going upside down, it started with the constant need for sleep,  days later the dizziness and low blood pressure, burping (excuse me) to the point where Samer started calling the baby “Burpy” :(


And this morning as I entered my 6th week, my morning sickness started with it, no matter what I smell I feel like throwing up (disgusting I know).

I was really hoping for an easy pregnancy, thank god a million times that Samer is very understanding and patient, he is trying his best to let me rest, assuring me that everything will be alright soon “allah yesma3 mennak ya joozi”.

I wish I was closer to mama, at least she would’ve cooked for us all kinds of yummy foods, she keeps on telling me every time I talk to her ” ya reatek 3endi. Kont taba5telek kol sho zaki, and made sure that samer is ok too”  yabayeeeeeeeeeeee ya emmi ma a7saneeeek.. beddi emmiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiii :(

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  1. nido Says:

    Allah yi2awmik bissalameh ya umm burpy!! hehe…like i told u, kol shi bi ajro:) isbori ou inshallah a happy happy beautiful healthy baby…

  2. 7aki Fadi Says:

    Mabrook ya maioush on the pregnancy.

    Once you hit the third month you will be fine :).

  3. Maioush Says:

    allah yes3edek Um Marmar, o allah yesma3 mennek ya rab :)

    7aki Fadi:
    zamaaaaan 3annek :) miss you girl, allah ybarek feeki ya rab, i hoope that after 3 months this will be easier i really do :)

  4. whisper Says:

    Mabroook ya amar…
    inshallah soon every thing will be fine and you start enjoying the food again :D

  5. Qwaider قويدر Says:

    Inshallah khair hayati everything will be just fine soon inshallah

    Now how was the Malfoof? :)

  6. Maioush Says:

    Allah yes3ed albek ya rab ya amarah :)

    yabayeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee, the Malfoof was amazing, my tummy is super happy, walahi enta mafi mennak elli mo m5ahlli eshi b nefsi, fazeeeeeeeeeeeeeee3!!! ::Kiss::

  7. nido Says:

    walik o ana!??! u promised!!! :(

  8. Maioush Says:

    hehehe oskoti walahi laff like 3 places till he found the one i like, allah yerda 3aleah hal zalmeh sho raheeb :D walek it was so good, eza bedek this is easy, it’s already m3allab, so we can really send it :)

  9. sel3 Says:

    Mabrouk Maioush, enshalla bet2omi belsalameh.

  10. mala2e6 Says:

    maioush and Qwaider

    alf alf mabrook so happy for both of you

    the funny thing is that i got a text message yesterday from a friend who is also pregnat for the first time,and she wrote exactly what you wrote here..ya3ni sert ashok inha the craving,the complaints( same complaints)and the amazing last part with the same words..beddiii mama ..


    do you think that girls appreciate mothers more when they themselves become mothers?

    maioush..hope you have a safe and enjoyable pregnancy

    Samer..God bless you ,you will be a wonderful Daddy

  11. vagueraz Says:

    Maioush alf alf alf mabroooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooook :)
    elek w la Samer ,,,, :)
    Jad i’m Happy 4 YOU both,,,
    enshalla bt2omee b el salameh :) …

  12. Tamara Says:


    Mabrook, I’m so happy for you : ) The begining is not easy, but as soon as you get to the third month it will be alot better inshala. my asvise, keep moving and eating in moderation it makes a world of difference.

  13. Maioush Says:

    Allah ybarek b 3omrak ya rabbi :)

    Allah ybarek b 3omrek ya amarah, zaman 3annek, weanek ‘3atta??
    LOL @ your friend, tamanteeni enno mo la7ali elli bashki :D
    Walahi I didn’t really appreciate mama until I got married, I discovered what an awesome job she does, and now that I got pregnant, jad beddi mamaaaaaaaaaaa.

    Allah ybarek b 3omrek 7abeebti :)
    Allah ysalemek y 5aleeki ya rab :)

    Allah ybarek feeki dear :) the beginning is not easy at all, I didn’t know it was that hard, my first appointment is Friday we’ll see what the doctor has to say. Inshalla 5ear :)

  14. Jano Says:

    heheheh maiousheh, lately all you say is “burp-excuse me” its so funny that Samer called him/her Burpi lol as i told you beebte, these are only first 3 months maybe and all will be fine.. dont worry :* o bs yeje Burpi bel salameh 7amllee jmeeleh :p missek ana

  15. afaf Says:

    from my humble experience, the more signs of sickness/diziness the better the pregnancy is…
    soon u will feel better inshalla…just a phase dear…

  16. JUMANA :) Says:

    habibi mai inchallah besalamehhhhh :)!! be2olo hae a7la ayam :D lazm trta7i kteer :)

    lanshoof bokra wa2t ybalesh lw7am shu bdo yseeer ;)

    MUCH LOVE TO U (“v”)
    . .

  17. sozan Says:

    اولا مبروك وان شاء الله بتقومي بالسلامه
    ثانيا في ادويه لحاله الغثيان احكي للدكتور وبيعطيكي اياها
    النوم واللي بتحسي امر عادي جدا ورح تخف مع الايام ان شاء الله
    وان شاء الله والدتك بتشرف لما تقربي تنجبي ومبروك مره ثانيه

  18. marwa Says:

    alf alf mabrrooook ya amar :) wnshalla bt2oome bslameh ya rb .. U just have 2 be patient , more patient ..
    w qwaider radee ALLA yrda 3leh bdeer balo 3leeke :) TC :)

  19. SimSim Says:

    congratulation for both of u …

  20. jessyz Says:

    Mabrook mabrook mabrook mabrook mabrook.
    Take care of yourself and the little one and enjoy the ride. Definitely an exciting, exhausting yet extremely fulfilling one for life.

  21. sam Says:

    o 7aram wont last long…about 6more weeks…and it could be worse..u could have all day sickness! *shudder*
    o and burping …LOL dont remind me..but it all passes eventually and u have a little person in your arms…it is all worth it..(i guess!)

  22. sweetlikearose Says:

    U are pregnant !!!!! yahooooooo CONGs sweetie
    yallah allah ytamem 3la 5er 7bebte w t2ome belsalame….
    Nice new blog :P

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