Babies Names wanted

On a previous article I told you that my aunt is pregnant, and later on I updated it that she is actually having a twins, so tonight we spent the night looking for names for the babies and here are the names  she liked:

=our choices== 

Yousef (this is my favorite name)





 Now on the other hand we have my uncle trying to name the babies some (old) names and these are the names that he likes:

==My Uncle’s choices==





Guys… first of all make a vote for your favorite name

second we are welcoming you to suggest other names for the babies


1. Names has to be easy to pronounce since we are living in the states

2. Most of the easy names are taken in the family, like (Adam, Sam [Sami, Samer, Samir, Sam…], Sara, Yara, Tala, Diana)

Waiting for the suggestions …Thank you.. :D


13 Responses to “Babies Names wanted”

  1. Dima Says:

    I’d go for Yousef or Nadine .. from your list :)

  2. MQabbani Says:

    when the baby is coming ???

  3. Nadeen Says:

    good morning….
    my name is Nadeen (english) Nadine (french)
    i thing that my name is beautiful :)
    so go ahead :)

  4. Red Rose Says:


  5. kinziblogs Says:

    I always wanted twin boys, who I would name for the Prophet Ezekial and the father of John the Baptist Zacharias…then you could call them “Zack and Zeke”. OK, my husband objected too, bu tI though it was cute.

    Mai, how did I miss you live in teh US and not Jordan? Yeesh,( hits head with hand). :)

  6. Qwaider قويدر Says:

    My vote goes to Fad3oos

  7. Maioush Says:

    Dima: Yousef is such a wonderful name.. I really like it, that we picked for sure, we need a name for the second baby :)
    Qabbani: 6 months from now.
    Nadeen: i like the way you spell your name, and I like your name, what does it mean exactly?
    Red Rose: Right? isn’t it unique?
    Kinzi: i can’t even say the first name!! but i like the second one, thaaaaaaaaaaaaank you for the suggestion :)
    Qwaider: LOOOOOOOOOOOOOL, I told then so, but they won’t listen to me :D i even told them to call the girl Fad3ooseh LOOOOOOOOOOOOOL

  8. aya Says:

    yousef yousef yousef !

  9. afaf Says:

    fad3oos?? where in the world did u get that name from, samer?? haram ya zalameh, and the prob she agrees and wants to call the baby girl, if any, fad3ooseh?????
    haram ya jama3et el 7’eer….hadoool attfal…mish 3esabeh……

  10. Maioush Says:

    Aya: yousef won :D but u know what? your name is pretty i’ll suggest it for a girl if u don’nt mind :)
    Afaf: LOOOOOOOOOOOL actually I’m the one who came up with Fad3oos years ago when my friend was pregnant with her first baby :D I call any “baby on board” Fad3oos LOOOOOOOL. come on isn’t it funny ;) LOOOOOOOOOOL

  11. afaf Says:

    it is funny…..but i wouldnot call my baby fad3oos…..???haram…. i will wait till u ge tmarried inshalla and have ur kids and see if u will call any fad3oos or fad3ooseh…tayeb???
    u really made me laugh…thanxdear…

  12. Maioush Says:

    :D walahi ya Afaf, everybody is waiting for my kids, ra7 a3ajeb 3aleahom b ezn allah LOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOL
    Fad3oos and Sa7noon and much much more :D

  13. afaf Says:

    now u say that…allah ye7eyena we werena inshalla we neshoof eza ra7 te3ajbee 3aleehom….
    takecare dear

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