Ahlan Ramadan, GO AWAY Ramadan…

Yes, this Ramadan is so hard, it’s just out of control, don’t judge me, bs I just want this Ramadan to end today before tomorrow (as in “elyoum abel bokra”)

as you all know, husbandy lhad to leave the day before Ramadan and came back on the first day of Ramadan for a business trip (el 7amdolla he got the job he went for :) ), and of course I didn’t sleep a wink, the house felt like hell without him (mushy mesh mushy… had elli ejakom, so shut up KJ) .

I got this job, and I started on that day as well, first day of Ramadan, so no sleep, a brand new job about something I’ve never done before in my entire life, and I tell you, it’s way harder that it seems, I’m exhausted physically and mentally, el 7amdolla 3ala kol 7al.

Since the beginning of Ramadan, I’m running around during the day, and I’m not sleeping at night, and by the time I fall asleep, I have to get up again at 4 and prepare sohour cuz the day here in seattle is soooooooooooooooooooooooo loooooooooooooooong, we can’t make it without grabbing a bite at sohour, we didn’t have sohour on the first day, and we both were dizzy around Maghreb time, it’s extremely long :(

So here we go, no eating, no sleeping, and a lot of work to do, i feel like my life is out of control, we come home late, so since the beginning of Ramadan, we didn’t have our ftour on time, we are always running in the kitchen at maghrib time, for 4 days now, we’ve been having our ftour at least at 3esha time!!!

Now seriously… enough Ramadan, I’m falling apart already!!!

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  1. deerate Says:

    Mabrook al job.

  2. Qwaider قويدر Says:

    Allah ya3teeki el 3afyeh 7ayati .. It’s ok, it gets easier. I promise!
    Besides, we have food for Iftar tonight :) So no running around the kitchen!

    And the Atayef you made FROM SCRATCH were AWESOME!!
    Why didn’t you mention those?

  3. LostWithin Says:

    Congrats on the new job =)
    and Inshallah things will get better for u guys ! u’re still new at this so it is 3adi to feel like this ,I guess ! I feel like jedete in here hehe!

    LOOOOOOL @ the had illi ejakom !
    w girl , u made atayef from scratch ?! Whoa ! y3ni that’s huge !

  4. secratea Says:

    Mabrook the new jobs for both.. yalla, you see as much as you want Ramadan to go away this time, you have to admit that it was fat7itttt ‘7air 3alaikum :-D

    it will get better by the day, inshalla

  5. KJ Says:

    What are you complaining about? Seattle isn’t 43C. At least you don’t dehydrate as fast.

    Mabrook on your job! So stop complaining and go pray

  6. JUMANA :) Says:

    hey all

    maioush miss u kefeek?? ana law honek b7aderlek kel she on time walahi :) mabrouk l she`3el>> ya3tekum el 3afeeh,`7alas ramadan dael 26 yom :D bS


    la tawli 3alena maioush :*
    LOV U

  7. Batoul Says:

    Allah yhawen 3leke, just take it in one day at a time for Ramadan and remember the worse the circumstances the better the rewards by the end.. so, alf al7amdella 3ala kel 7al — this is the reason behind it after all, its not meant pleasant in THAT sense.

  8. sam Says:

    i am so glad i am not fasting…i am thinking that i will get pregnant in ramadan for the next few years so i dont have to fast…hmmmmm i guess it is easier to fast than to have few more ziads and bilals…4 days down only 26 more to go..no biggie…imagine how much harder it is will be in the next few years….yikes!

  9. nido Says:

    kol shi bi ajro maioush :D I miss you soooo much ya binit…ou I really hope you have access lal msn from work 3ashan chatting once I’m back :D

    Mabrook il shoghol…I’m so happy for u:)

    As for cooking it gets easier with time, trust me …that’s why I ran away from home on Ramadan :ppp hehe

  10. Summer Says:

    it must be lack of caffeine! coffee makes everything smooth, nice and great! :)
    Ramadan Mubarak to you and yours.

  11. yaser Says:

    I can’t give you any advice since I am not fasting myself ,
    congratulations on your new job,and keeping focused on your job will get your mind off and I am sure you will get a grip soon ,just be patient:)

  12. Noura Says:

    ma3leish 7abibti, tawli balek.. Usually the first couple of days are the hardest, it will get easier.. It’s not strange to feel like you do, a new life, responsibilities inside the house and outside so take it easy and don’t be hard on yourself.. Besides,Qwaider seems to be supportive and this is the best thing you can ask for..
    He mentioned above in his comment that you made 2atayef from scratch.. I got a recipe from Summer but haven’t tried it yet.. any advice ??
    Mabrook el new job and good luck :)

  13. vagueraz Says:

    Mabrook el shogol MAioush w Ramadan Kareem ..
    Osboriii :) walahe ramadan 7eloo.. :)

  14. JUMANA :) Says:

    Ya alaaaaaaah lek wainkuuuuuuun, wainek maioushhhhh miss u anaaaaaa, 7ad ered 3aleeii wlooooo plzzzzzzzz,ra7 moooooooot ana ..

    :D b3eed el shar 3an albi =)

    bas walahi mo b2edi miss yaaaaa

  15. OM EL MEES Says:

    u dnt knw how much i enjoy ure bloggers since u became MRs Quaider ..
    mabrook The work & enjoy Ramadan ya Maioush :)

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